1. lilacdiana

    Jet2 covered by ABTA??

    Hi Guys I have been looking at Jet2 for holidays but when I looked atthe site I can fine nothing about ABTA etc? Does anyone know if they are covered at all??? Many thanks Di
  2. C

    Covered in bruises

    Yawn! It's me Chavdar Bulgari back after a long while away. I have seriously beaten myself up today for having procrastinated for so long. My brother rang from Kas today to say he was heading out to sea because the weather was becoming uncomfortably hot. Whilst here in France I am sitting in...
  3. J

    Mary and others, are you covered for legal costs

    Mary I dont know if you saw my post so think its a good idea to put it up here, cud help other fold as well. did you know you mite be covered for legal costs in your regular home and contents insurance? I dont want to raise your hopes in case your not, not everybody is covered but its worth...
  4. shirleyanntr

    dog covered in henna

    We just drove past a man and his dog and from a distance it looked as if the dog was bleeding heavily from its behind Yusuf slowed down and as we got closer we could see its bottom was covered in henna this is the first time ive seen this ..i wonder if anybody else has come across it.
  5. shirleyanntr

    pre existing chronic diseases not covered by SSK

    ive been asked several times if i knew what disorders/diseases are on the list of Chronic Diseases for the Turkish health insurance scheme which will not be covered ive finally found the list and translated it as best İ can here then are the things that your SSK insurance wont cover İF...
  6. Squeaky

    Military covered up responsibility in deadly blast, probe shows

    Good afternoon: There are a number of events that have been exposed to the public over the past few months which really makes one think about the past. It has been claimed that a lot of the PKK activites in the past were really carried out by a clandestine organization known as JITEM which was...
  7. no-nem

    Is your home covered?

    On the front page of Yahoo is an interesting article about your UK home being insured whilst you are away. You need to check your policy to see how long you can leave the gaff, without informing the ins. company.(you know how these guys like to find the smallest loopholes in order not to pay...
  8. shirleyanntr

    the famous covered bazaar of istanbul

    for tourists in istanbul this is a must visit place and this interesting article i took from ottoman .org The Covered Bazaar - A Miniature Town The Kapali Carsi or Covered Bazaar or Grand Baazar is one of Istanbul's most intriguing sights. This labyrinth of vaulted roofed winding streets and...
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