1. G

    Insurance Cover

    The complex I am in has no insurance cover for common areas and it is left to each apartment owner to arrange any insurance required. I am informed this is common in Turkey. I assume however that claims on individual apartments could be rejected ( and probably should be) if the damage relates...
  2. Justin

    Pool Cover

    Hi just curious if there is anybody out there supplying swimming pool (small plunge pool) covers? I searched a few years ago and couldn't find anybody but that was a few years ago.
  3. G

    Health cover

    Coming out to Turkey for at least 3 months maybe more i've been looking at health insurance and will trying to get residency visa as married to a Turk.For this trip thinking about backpacker as it seems more flexible in length and extending but how do you all get by any tips or companies other...
  4. stmary

    do you need health cover to get your residency

    We read that you no longer need to get health cover to get your residency I know this has been talked about many times , but when i read in voices newspaper , they were saying they thought that after October we wouldn't need to have healthcare in place when applying for residency . Also what...
  5. W

    Breakdown cover turkey

    Is there a breakdown service available in Turkey equivalent to RAC/AA/ADAC? RAC used to do it but this year have changed it and are now the same as every other company in the UK ie only cover Turkey in Europe . For those who are covered by ADAC and have posted on here that they have the ADAC...
  6. E

    Islamists hit beach to advise women to cover up

    Turkish holiday goers flocked to beaches and resort towns last weekend, as the summer holiday season kicked off. However, in the Black Sea resort of Kaynarca northwest of Istanbul, those who headed to the beach were also joined by a group of traditionally pious Muslims, who flocked to the...
  7. H

    will my March Visa cover me for June.

    I got a visa stamp at Dalaman Airport on 21st March, I know under the usual rules I would be able to do multiple entries doing no more than 90 days in 180, but now the "e visa" is in force I'm wondering whether I will have to get another for my June trip or will my March one still do?
  8. P

    Help - Topps scratch cover dark wood

    Has anyone this product please. I threw some out 2 months ago when moving house, in the event I could buy new if I needed some. It has been discontinued for 15 years. I am willing to pay for it and postage.
  9. giglets

    State to cover All Drink/Drug Treatments.

    Turkey moving towards the Western Model - State to cover all expenses of alcohol, drug addiction treatment - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news The costs of drug and alcohol addiction treatment will be covered by the state as part of a new joint initiative by the Health...
  10. hayabusa

    Swimming Pool Cover

    Does any one know where I can get a cover for Swimming pool in Mulga area ?.... I have seen covers that have holes on the edge and you can use a pin to hold it down.
  11. A

    Vehicle breakdown cover

    I plan to drive to the UK in a Turkish registered car. Does anyone know of a company providing breakdown cover for Europe.
  12. juco

    The cover ups continue

    So much for transparency and encouraging whistle blowers. Report a misuse of funds and you get arrested! The police and crime commissioner should be sacked.
  13. S

    car breakdown cover in Turkey

    Has anyone ever taken out car breakdown cover whilst driving in non European Turkey? If so can you please give me the provider info. Thanks
  14. tomc1984

    Applying for SGK health cover

    Heard rumours today that the one year residency rule before being able to apply for SGK health insurance no longer applies and once you have RP you can get SGK. Anyone know of this please?
  15. B

    Pool cover

    Wonder if anyone can help. Looking for a cover for our pool 12x6 mtrs. Cover is only to keep debris out over the winter. Can we get this cheaper in Turkey than bringing over from the Uk. Seen something that would suit here in UK for aprox £50 and then price of hold bag to transport it. We have a...
  16. N

    Health Cover by SGK

    Everyone is going on as before who has already got Bag-Kur health insurance by SGK... I will let you know immediatelly if any SGK rule changes again...but there is no need to worry now... p.s. there are sorts of situations as Bag-Kur, General Health Insurance or Turkish-English couples...they...
  17. P

    Cover version.

    The original. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Live On Earth Single Video) - YouTube The cover version,cracked me up. I'm Yours(ukulele) - YouTube
  18. A

    Ground cover

    Our lawn , here in Fethiye, has been destroyed by turf caterpillar moth. I turned the lawn into a chemical desert ,this summer, without success. I am reluctant to use Napalm, the neighbours might complain. We have decided to use ground-cover. At this stage gravel is not being considered. What...
  19. Lindacm

    Bagkur Health Cover

    We currently have private health cover until the end of Dec; We have been looking in to the possibility of taking out the government healthcover...Bagkur. I have been trying to research what is actually covered in this scheme. What I have read from the website is the following. However, unless...
  20. S

    need a cover for my car

    I need a cover for my car, them that cover the full car to protect it throughout the winter. Can anyone tell me where can buy one from,please.
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