1. gam101

    Question UPS courier delivery to Turkey

    Ola again folks! I didn't know where to file this under. I am hoping to receive a UPS package from the U.S. and upon checking the online status I saw this; "Importer Power of Attorney documentation is required for clearance. We're working to obtain this information. / We've contacted the...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Courier Service

    Can anyone tell me where I will find a good courier service in Fethiye please? I have important documents to post that I can't afford to go missing. Thanks xx
  3. hayabusa

    Sending things via Courier to Turkey.

    Has anyone used a courier to send stuff to Turkey from UK ?. I have some stuff to send and was wondering who the best courier is in Turkey. From UK to Turkey is not a problem I think, but am concerned about which is the best in Turkey.
  4. Jaycey

    Federal Court Ruling from the Courier Mail, Australia

    A seven year old boy was at the centre of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with the child custody law and...
  5. K

    Document courier to Bodrum

    Does anyone know of a Courier Company from the UK to Bodrum that delivers parcels and or documents direct! Reliable ones ?
  6. Elvira

    international courier needed

    I need to send a document to my bank UK.Can anyone recommend a particular courier in Antalya ?
  7. P

    Mail courier service

    Can anyone recommend a Courier service for some important documents I need to send to Turkey. They must be sent by courier and not the usual mail.
  8. C

    courier service to uk

    hi, sorry not sure if this is the right place to post this thread, Anyway the problem is that i want to know the best way to tranfer 2 large suitcases from Altinkum to Wales UK ????????? Any help appreciated,,,,thanks:ukflag:
  9. Big Paul

    Courier Door to Door Service - to Turkey

    Just browsing Ebay at the moment and have seen some businesses offering a door to door courier service to Turkey. Has anyone had experience of these services? Were they any good? Seems like a fairly cheap way to send things out there.
  10. the sausage king

    Courier services

    Hi, everyone Can anyone recommend an overnight/24 hour courier service preferably a chilled service throughout Turkey? All helpful suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks
  11. Lindy

    Courier Services to Turkey?

    Has anyone ever used a courier service to get something delivered quickly to Turkey? If you have, which company did you use, how quick was the service and what were the costs? Thanks Linda :)
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