1. bickern

    The Muslim Country That Saved Jews

    In the 1930s Nazi Germany started detaining and killing Jews. The US and UK looked the other way, but Turkey-- a new country that was mostly Muslim --defied Hitler and saved thousands of lives. The Muslim Country That Saved Jews During The Holocaust - YouTube
  2. mollag

    Dont like Country music either

    But then stuff like this pops up, I cant get enough, oddly the Country I hate least is normally female performers. The Be Good Tanyas - Waiting Around to Die - YouTube
  3. D

    Leaving a Turkish registered motorbike in an EU country.

    Hi good folk, Has anybody left a Turkish registered vehicle/ motorbike in an EU country and then had problems getting back into Turkey? We left Turkey on the motorbike so it was checked out of the country at the Turkish/Bulgaria border. We have had problems with the bike and wish to fly back...
  4. M

    Exiting country, Leaving UK Vehicle for a week or two

    We have our vehicle in the country and want to go to Rhodes for a week, Can anyone confirm the current rules ie Do we have to leave the vehcile in a customs compound? Or is this no longer required etc? Many thanks for your help
  5. Yalides

    The West country

  6. yalimart

    Paris attacks

    Just reading of shootings and explosions at bars in Paris, multiple deaths are reported. Martin
  7. Yalides

    England - Whats wrong with this country?

    Pregnant mother of 11 who makes £39,000 a year on benefits is seen shopping for Mulberry handbags that cost £875 each | Daily Mail Online She ought to introduce her knees to each other.....
  8. S

    3rd country vets cert in Bodrum

    Hi all, does anyone know where the vets are in Bodrum that issue the 3rd country vets certificate for export? Has anyone an experience of dealing with them as I am going to need the cert in Bulgarian so the Phil/Sue can take our cat next weekend? We've just been quoted 400tl to get this piece...

    Country Gent

    Living in the big smoke come May I love packing the car, jumping on the ferry and heading to the coast.Come September its the reverse with the draw of the bright lights and and all the tomfoolery of city life, I honestly cannot get home soon enough.. In recent times I am starting to wonder if...
  10. J

    This country's biggest environmentalist

    Live on tv A few minutes ago...... 'No one at all can compete with us when it comes to protection of the environment' ......RTE, Gölbaşı,Ankara. Huhhhh It would be funny if it wasnt so tragic...... I dont even know where to start to chronicle this party's lack of concern for the...
  11. scotssteve

    Lonely Planet says Scotland is third best country to visit

    Just confirming what we already knew...... BBC News - Lonely Planet says Scotland is third best country to visit :yipee:
  12. giglets

    Best Country To Grow Old

    Britain ranks no. 13 - Turkey no.70 Global rankings table | Data | Global Agewatch Index
  13. L

    Cash into the country

    Hi Folks, Is there a limit to the amount of sterling cash a person can brig into Turkey from the UK please? Cheers Lisa
  14. bickern

    Man who had sex with goat banned from every farm in the country

    İt beggars belief really. --------------------------------------------------- A man who admitted having sex with a goat has been banned from every farm in the country. Robert Newman has also been told he must stay indoors after dark until his sentencing hearing next month. The 23-year-old...
  15. Yalides

    Waste of space country

    Dancing on the street of Pyongyang... after soldiers learn Kim Jong Un has given himself top military job | Mail Online What a joke of a country....
  16. Q

    I thought Turkey was a secular country?

    I was under no delusions that the Turkish government believes in freedom of speech. Article 301 makes that pretty clear. Still, I'd thought Turkey at least remained a secular country, unlike pretty much every other major Muslim-majority country in the world. But now it appears that they're...
  17. Özay

    I Love My Country

    I love my country : I have swung on its plane trees, I have stayed in its prisons. Nothing can overcome my spleen as the songs and tobacco of my country. My country : Bedreddin, Sinan, Yunus Emre and Sakarya, lead domes and factory chimneys are all the work of my people who even hiding from...
  18. suzyq

    Saudi princess: What I'd change about my country

    Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz tells the BBC there are many changes she would like to see in Saudi Arabia - but that now is not the time for women to be allowed to drive... BBC News - Saudi princess: What I'd change about my country
  19. I

    Flamingo Country Club

    Hi All, Who's at Flamingo Country Club in bodrum what’s it like and roughly the cost or apartments/Villas. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  20. HelenSnowball

    Which Country is best?...

    We hear from some members on here about how crap the UK is. So, which ever country you live in, UK, Bulgaria, Turkey or elsewhere, if you could not live there, where would you live, and why? Previously I'd have said Egypt, but with their current problems maybe not. I'd say Canada, I loved it...
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