1. S

    Happiest countries to live in

    Happy Planet Index
  2. Leo

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees: report - News from Al Jazeera Makes interesting reading. Turkey 2nd on the list and I note the disgraceful data for GB rather puts to bed some of the racist twaddle I read on here sometimes. Yes, I know - call me a treehuggers blah, blah
  3. bickern

    Turkey to lift visa requirements for all EU Countries.

    Turkey to lift visa requirements for EU, including Cyprus. Turkey has decided to lift visa requirements for all EU citizens, including Greek Cypriots. The move comes following a report saying that the European Commission will propose the easing of visa requirements for Turkey on Wednesday...
  4. B

    Sectarian divide in Middle East countries

    The Arab World is at war with itself - Al Jazeera English I think that the above article sums up some of the many problems in the Middle East. Bill.
  5. yalimart

    Most Hated Countries by Brits

    Im sure a few of them hate us as well. Which countries do British people like (and dislike) the most revealed by Chatham House poll | Metro News Martin
  6. juco

    Porn, worst countries for veiwing.

    This surprised me.
  7. Jaycey

    8 Most Underrated Countries in Europe …

    8 Most Underrated Countries in Europe | Womanitely
  8. suzyq

    US and 3 Arab countries start air strikes Syria

    CNN) -- American jets began bombing ISIS targets in Syria early Tuesday, raising U.S. involvement in the war-torn country and sending a forceful message to the terror group. The airstrikes focused on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, a U.S. official told CNN, though other locations were hit as...
  9. newhorizon

    Worlds most Peaceful countries 2014

    With migrating populations be it for leisure, retirement or in the very sad current times of economic or war displacement and uprooting of families its interesting to see just where about in the world is considered peaceful today.... "The world has become less peaceful each year since 2008...
  10. D

    A Visa agreement for schlengen countries... i wonder how it is being reciprocated by the Turkish?? T be honest i didn't have time to go through all the documents because it doesnt really affect me....
  11. shirleyanntr

    do some countries need Dictators

    What makes me ask this question is the mess in the ME once the Yanks jump in thinking they are going to 'free' people..all they give is freedom to kill each other İn many ME countries people are so full of hatred for each other they need strong maybe even ruthless people who will keep the lid...
  12. Lez Zetli

    Top 10 best countries to retire to

    ... according to Yahoo! Finance UK, see HERE I bet you're wondering where Turkey came :)
  13. K

    Living in 2 countries, how does it work?

    I know some of you spend your year divided between your home country and Turkey. How well does that work? Do you have children when you do this? Would you have to homeschool in that case? Do you leave your properties unoccupied when you are in the other country? Just wondering how it...
  14. D

    And we give aid to these countries

    Having just read an article about being gay in Africa makes me wonder why on earth do we give aid to such countries when there thinking is to kill people who maybe be gay.:behindsof Does everyone know the nightmare it is being homosexual? Do you really think anyone would choose this preference...
  15. newhorizon

    Do you think new Motor rules could be enforced in countries like Turkey or others?

    Some comments on another thread prompted me into wondering whether better Health & Safety as in Motor Driving Rules is really possible in countries such as Turkey or India, Pakistan, Morrocco, Egypt etc or is that the luxury only possible in Western fully developed nations with a better economy...
  16. Yogi

    The world's most dangerous countries for women

    This is shocking. ---------------- Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan are the world's most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and "honour killings," a Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll showed Wednesday. India and...
  17. arrian

    Britain cuts aid to 16 countries

    and not before time too!!! Britain freezes aid in 16 countries after inquiry finds they are no longer in poverty | Mail Online
  18. N

    Eu countries versus turkey (economic recovery)

    I have attached the following extract from TODAY'S ZAMAN (26/12/2010), which provides a great commentary relating to the "state" of the Turkish economy having now survived the last 2 years of the "world downturn". I have read many negative threads recently relating to the increase in prices etc...
  19. Firefox

    Club Med Countries

    Do you think Turkey should Join the club med countries and join Europe & Euro as it has been starving for the past 10 years Here: Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave the euro altogether? - Telegraph
  20. John O' Dreams

    Are some countries' decency laws hypocritical?

    Kiss woman denounces 'hypocrisy' A British woman jailed for kissing a man in public in Dubai has spoken of the "hypocrisy" of the Emirate's strict decency laws. Charlotte Adams was arrested with Ayman Najafi last November after a local woman complained they had been seen kissing on the mouth...
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