1. RedBloodedHound

    20,000 and counting.

    Well? What's it to be?
  2. E

    10 days and counting

    morning all from sunny scarborough , 10 days till me and my lady arrive in altinkum , just wondering if its getting busy now ,and how hot it is ,were both getting very excited now and cant wait to get away for two weeks .
  3. D

    10 Days and Counting!!!

    I am sat in my living room looking out of the patio doors and seeing the rain pouring down and thinking in 10 days time i will be sat on calis beach at mimosas enjoying the sun and drinking ice cold shandys!!! so cant wait!!!!!
  4. djmagic

    two days and counting

    we fly in two days and arrive on thursday night..... all ready to start a new life and make new friends...... hope to see some of you soon..... getting excited now and cant wait....
  5. Peaceplant

    If you like counting calories

    I am not one for calorie counting and I'm pleased to say my total loss is over 2 stone now though it's been over a year since I weighed in at my heaviest. I attended a free slimming class before my holiday and they use a point system - 10 points = 1000 calories. Seemed a bit pointless you...
  6. S

    Over in 32 days and counting......

    Hi everybody :-) So I have just booked my flights and we are now counting down the days till we get over to T'ries again and was just wondering whats new?????? Have been reading the threads and seen news about the market but I understand thats now open again just in different places and with...
  7. P

    manchester united 18 and counting

    manchester united premier league champions and world champions european champions bring on barcelona on the 27th of may THE MIGHTY RED ARMY MARCHES ON :48:
  8. SuperBogs

    10 Days and counting

    Ten days from now my little baby daughter arrives to this world. We can't wait to welcome her. :blowkiss: Biker Bob
  9. luddendenturk

    4 Hours and Counting....

    Hi Guys and Gals, Just thought that I should start a new thread, as it seems as though it's been at least 4 hours since anyone started a thread about Dogs or Cats! Feel free to comment, if you wish.
  10. H

    2 days and counting....

    HELLO EVERYONE, TWO DAYS TILL WE GO...................... JUST THOUGHT I'D LET YOU KNOW...........!!!!!!!:D[8D]:)
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