1. immac

    Countdown Timer For Brexit

    Can we have a countdown timer for Brexit on the top of the TLF page? Example: Perhaps people could post what they will be doing to celebrate on the great day; I´m not sure my Turkish neighbours would understand a street party, but I am sure I can...
  2. bickern

    Countdown to the election

    Just a heads up on the Presidential role and powers. ---------------------------------------------------- Article 104 of the Constitution reads as follows, on the powers and duties of the president: “The president of the republic is the head of state. In this capacity, he/she shall represent...
  3. james fowler

    The final countdown

    After spending the last 18 years holidaying in Yalikavak and for the last 5 owning our own house we are finally making the big move on November 6th so 10 days to go. We are looking foward to our new life and seeing the many friends we have made allready knowing this time there is no return...
  4. Lillylilly


    :19:TUT How sad am I? I watch countdown most days but cant do the maths bits but when I do the words, the woman in the Dictionary Corner always gets the top word in my anagram solver.:angry: I reckon shes got an earpiece in with somebody using one and telling her:angry: Hubby watches it as...
  5. John O' Dreams

    The Final 'Count-down'

    If this is the end of the line for men, we should go gracefully By Robert McNeill Something is happening to the world's men. Nope, we're not going off football or learning to pee straight. We're losing our fertility. As Jon Lockton writes in The Hals Report, it's caused by man-made (no irony...

    Countdown to Christmas

    I have been listening to this for over 30 years and it still brings a smile to my face, enjoy!!! YouTube - Frank Kelly-Christmas Countdown (12 days to christmas)
  7. arrian

    countdown GOTCHA!

    just watched this on you tube, and cried laughing!! hope it works! YouTube - Richard Whiteley Countdown Gotcha
  8. P

    Countdown to Cappadocia!

    It looks like it is really happening! Next Saturday, instead of going to our local garden centre for a browse, a cup of coffee and a quiet chat, my husband and I are off to Cappadocia. This is a trip we've been planning for a long time. Our original plan was to fly to Cappadocia for a few...
  9. zozatky

    Nazilli Pazar the final countdown

    Anyone know whats going in its place no info around. Ask the locals & its the usual Dont know. Like most things its a secret. Someone said that the council has taken it over & is going to build a new Pazar like Davutlar????
  10. peter the postie


    Yahay... this time on friday I'll be on my way back to my spiritual home :roundgrin 5..............
  11. Germaine

    George Bush Countdown

    This clock shows the countdown to George W Bush leaving Office. Something that in my opinion cant come quick enoough. 578 DAYS 12 Hrs 17 Minutes to go from time of this thread starting The tide is slowly turning. For the sake of Peace on Earth the removal...
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