1. Jaycey

    Does size count?

    Biggest aircraft ever built. Built in Russia during the 1930s, it flew 11 times before crashing and killing 15 people. The designer, Konstantin Kalinin, wanted to build two more planes but the project was scrapped. Later, Stalin had Kalinin executed. Evidently, it was not good to fail on an...
  2. T

    Help with count back

    Any of you kind count back experts able to solve my particular problem? Arrived in Turkey on 31st March under RP. RP runs out on the 25th June. If I leave Turkey on the 25th of June when would I be able to return for another 90 days under the tourist visa system?
  3. murdo

    Pollen count

    Where we have bought is quite rural (Yesilkent), lots of grassy areas/trees etc. Anyone with hayfever care to comment on whether this has been an issue for them in Altinkum? Jackie
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