1. S

    Internet and Council Tax

    good morning.Given the covid restrictions on travel I would be interested to know if I am able to pay council tax by internet .I am sure this must be possible but not aware of the email address (Didim) or requirements for the system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hayabusa

    Paying Koycegiz Council Tax

    Due to the current travel restrictions, I cannot come to pay the council tax by cash. Does anyone know if the tax In Koycegiz can be paid on line ?.......
  3. E

    Paying Council Tax online

    Hello everyone, Could I seek some advise please. Its looking like the travel restrictions may mean that I am unable to visit Marmaris in April. I always go down to the office on the sea front and pay my house tax in cash. Can anyone tell me if its possible to do it over the internet and if so...
  4. Tenpin

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper

    Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper More than 135,000 UK residents have been without online public services for nearly a week, as their council struggles with a cyber-attack. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's website and all...
  5. H

    Council tax

    If someone bought a propert say, ten years ago just for holiday use, as we have done. Our Tapu has never been issued. Should we eventually get our Tapu would we then have to pay the back dated council tax covering ten years or more. We have been told that that is the case. Can someone please...
  6. P

    Council Tax

    Can anybody help. Council tax needs paying and Have been informed Fethiye office has moved. Where is the new location please?
  7. C

    Council tax image

    Can someone post a picture for me of the council tax bill. I’m trying to show my friend what it looks like so she can pay my bill?? Thank you in advance. Cici.
  8. S

    Paying Council Tax by DD

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is in Turkey to arrange to have the council tax paid direct from a bank account. Setting up the DD to pay the electricity was straight forward, I just went in to the bank with my reference number - job done. Is it the same procedure with the council tax or does it...
  9. R

    Council tax water and electric

    Help I have just moved to Turgutries from the uk. I am rentin a place from an agent. Do i have to pay council tax? Also how do i get water bills or electric bills or do i just take my tenancy agreement to the local council to pay. The electric is in my name which was done at the aydem by the...
  10. A

    Council buyer tax

    Hello. I understood council levied a 4% tax on cost of buying a property. Have been told the 4% only applies to first 1000 Tl. Find this hard to believe. Have the rules changed?
  11. N

    Non payment of council tax

    Due to a recent hip replacement op, I am unable to travel to my villa in Denizkoy, Izmir until the flights become very expensive. Does anyone know of the fine if I don't pay until next year.? Last year my council tax was only about £40 for the whole year. Thanks Nigel
  12. B

    Council Tax-Dalaman

    Hi all I've tried searching the threads and Forums but can't find anything. Is there a way to pay the council tax online please? I;ve traditionally spent the first day of my holiday paying council tax, paying the water bill and haircut/shave, but would love to eradicate the mundane side of this...
  13. stmary

    Finding out the valuation from the council

    Hi. Can you go to the Council tax department in Turkey and ask them what's the valuation of your property . I can see what it says on the tapu , but after one year would it change much, cheers
  14. T

    Stop Council Evictions - Petition

    I thought this ridiculous outrage deserved it's own thread, a Petition has been started by a family affected by this disgraceful situation - Thanks to Kibby for posting the link. Sorry for a rather long opening post but I'm trying to get across a feel for the complexity that's gone into this...
  15. V

    council tax Turkey

    hi i was wondering if there was anyway of finding out from the uk what council tax was owed and if it can be paid from here. i do have a turkish bank account with internet banking so would think paying it would be straightforward but i have not been out for a while and not sure when next visit...
  16. JBK44

    Council Tax

    Hello Datca, I am planning to come over in the next few weeks and want to settle my Council Tax bill and setup a direct debit. Cold some one help by confirming where in the town hall I would pay and what documentation and ID i may require. Thanks in advance
  17. T

    Council Tax Payment

    Is it still possible to pay Council Tax at the Belediye in Yalikavak? I paid it there last year, but there was some talk of a switch to Bodrum at some point. Tony
  18. JBK44

    Council tax

    Can anyone suggest way to pay council tax in Datca and what we need to take? Thanks in advance
  19. bickern

    Girl, 16, is burned alive on the orders of a Pakistani village council

    I really can't get this into my head, her own family sanctioned it including her parents. --------------------------------------- A 16-year-old girl in rural Pakistan was drugged, strangled and burned alive on the orders of village elders for helping a couple elope. Pakistani police arrested...
  20. J

    Council tax

    Can anybody tell me the difference between arsa vergisi and emlak vergisi? I own an apartment in Calis and my Turkish council tax receipt states "arsa vergisi". Am I paying the correct council tax? Many thanks. Janine
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