1. juco

    Large Costa V Regular Costa

    And this is what you get for your money.
  2. Mushtaq

    Fed up of turkey, how about Spain? Costa Rica? Cuba?

    Received an email from Thomson holidays today with the above title. If I was paranoid I would think there is a conspiracy going on. Has the Turkish government miscalculated recent political moves?
  3. bickern

    Costa Concordia is finally raised

    Well it only cost approx £500,000,000 - pocket change for some maybe. Amazing how one side looks so clean compared to the other. I gather they decided not to ask Francesco Schettino, aka 'Captain Coward to accompany it to the scrapyard...
  4. C

    Spain - Mijas Costa villa needed

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had or knew of anyone who has a villa in Mijas Costa, Spain for rent in August? A friend of mine booked in January but has had her accommodation cancelled this week as the owner has decided to refurbish?????!!!! All flights are booked so she desperately needs a villa...
  5. Tommie

    Costa Europa -2010

    The Costa Europa was involved in an accident in 2010 where 3 crew members were killed when the boat collided with the quay at Sharm-ek-Sheikh, Egypt Cruise liner hits quay in Egypt Neither the Italian authorities nor Costa Cruises have released the report, althought the IMO are aware of the...
  6. P

    Our forthcoming visit to Apollonium [Club la Costa]

    my first thread/posting... As we plan to visit the above, I would very much appreciate the following information please: 1. Any local places that are a 'must' to visit 2. A local map [web link would be good] - google earth is a little out of date as always and cannot even be certain where the...
  7. A

    Anyone stayed at Club La Costa recently?

    Does anyone on this forum have any recent info of people staying at CLC Apollonium with regards to health issues. I received an email today from a very concerned mother of three due to holiday at this resort very soon. She sent me the following link to “Trip Advisor” containing several recent...
  8. Mushtaq

    Costa Rica elects female Chinchilla for president

    Costa Rica's first female president takes oath Costa Rica's first female president has been sworn into office in San Jose after winning elections in February. Laura Chinchilla, 51, took her oath of office at an open-air ceremony in front of thousands of supporters. The former vice-president...
  9. S

    Costa Altinkum

    Having just returned from Altinkum I am sad to say that it is not the place we fell in love with, I was having a quiet drink with the wife and her family in the Sky Bar, we have enjoyed many a night in there totally hassle free, one of the guys (Sadat) came over and sat with us as they do, we...
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