1. J

    Cost of outside painting

    How much would I expect to pay for outside painting the daily rate . I have no idea .not including materials
  2. R

    Cost of Residence Permit

    Hi. Thinking of applying for a permit. We are over 65 so I believe there is no insurance element. Just an idea of cost would be helpful please. Rosie
  3. Jaycey

    Cost of Living

    Cost of Living Index… UK #33 Spain # 42 Bulgaria #89 Turkey #113 Ukraine #121 Plenty of food for thought there ie Bulgaria more expensive than Turkey??
  4. Jaycey

    Cost of Living Index

    Cost of Living Index by City 2020... Always interesting to see how places compare...
  5. E

    Info idat cost

    We bit of help please we have a friend with an apartment in oba 2 block 30 ap .A small swimming pool a gardener 4 days a month ,no other amenities and they want to put the idat upto a total of 72000 tl a year for the complex. With no receipts given is there any where they can go for...
  6. S

    Money transfer cost

    Hi, Please can anyone tell me if Garanti Bank charges to receive transfer from UK. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Swimming pool - cost

    Evening everyone: just wondering has anybody had a swimming pool installed recently in the dalaman area? I know it will be difficult to give costings as there will be lots of variables. However, any examples of costs/sizes? Any recommendations?
  8. mollag

    Sim cost ?

    Im thinking of getting a Turkish sim card, our first port of call is Koycegiz, any thoughts on cost and where to buy? Fethiye will be our second port. :noidea:
  9. F

    How much does it cost to build a house?

    Hi Everyone, New here :) I have just bought a small piece of land (about 700 m2) in Zeytinada, Gazipasa. I've been looking to buy in Turkey for a few years and managed to purchase a piece of land with a very modest amount of money. I'm hoping to have a little holiday getaway and eventually...
  10. M

    cost of longterm apartment rent

    Hi, I am interested in renting a one bed furnished apartment in Didim. Maybe for a couple of years to see if i like the area. How much would i be expected to pay monthly in Lira for an apartment please. I am trying to budget so would be gratefull if any one could help. Thankyou
  11. J

    Cost of living Turkey?

    HI All I was wondering if anybody is living full time in the bodrum area and could give me the cost roughly you spend p/m? We have a house in Gundogan, which I've owned since 2004 and getting to the stage of hopfuly moving out for maybe 6 months of the year. Looking to have a pretty good life...
  12. M

    Cost of type 1 diabetes in turkey

    Hi my name is mark and me and my wife are considering retiring to turkey, however one of the main drawbacks I can see as a type 1 diabetic is a complete lack of information regarding health care costs. could any other type 1 diabetics currently retired in turkey please help me regarding what the...
  13. G

    Cost of registering apartment guests in Alanya

    Hi TLF-ers We have an apartment in Alanya which we use ourselves several times a year. We do not rent out our apartment to anyone (though a couple of friends have in the past come to stay with us whilst we’re there). We do not wish to put our apartment out for short term (or long term)...
  14. G

    Cost of using a company to register guests

    Moved to Alanya forum
  15. rafiki

    Cost of Diesel?

    Could someone let me know the current cost of diesel per litre?, thank you.
  16. A

    Cost for Side hotels long-term in the winter months ...

    I had a phone call last night from my friend Paul Cox in Margate, England. He wants to come to Side for 3 months over the winter ... all of December, January and February ... returning to the UK around 1st March. He came a couple of years ago and did the same thing but rented an apartment at...
  17. simpsons

    Cost Of Holiday in Spain to rise

    It now seems that the Balearic government are going to limit the tourists allowed in the islands. Brits accused of TERRORISM in Spain as bed numbers slashed and tourists intimidated | World | News |
  18. H

    Cost of living in Turkey

    I'm hoping to initially rent for 12 months and have some idea of how much rental will be but would appreciate some advice on general monthly outgoings. I will be living alone and renting a one bedroom apartment and wondered what I would pay on average for the following: - water gas electricity...
  19. R

    cost of running a car

    hi we are already aware that buying a car in turkey is much higher than the uk, but what about the running costs. We will have around ten thousand pounds to spend , which I know doesn't get you much car in turkey. we are looking at a dacia sandera 1.5 diesel 2 years old. we know what it would...
  20. B

    Cost Of Solar Panels.

    Just arrived in Akbuk, Didim to our holiday home. Our 2 solar panels have blown down in the winter. Are they expensive to replace? How much should we expect to pay? Thank you. Mel (and Anne)
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