1. bickern

    Mother who died after a 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic

    Such a shame but people forget that surgery of any kind carries grave risk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A self-conscious mother who died after a £3,000 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic was paranoid about her stomach after having...
  2. B

    Inc Cosmetic dentistry

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good dentist who can carry out making a new bridge as well as carrying out root canal treatment between turgutreis and bodrum whilst I am here. Thank you in anticipation of a reply.
  3. A&P

    Cosmetic Surgery Fethiye area?

    We are having a friend visit, in August who would be interested in some cosmetic surgery (facelift). Can anyone recommend a top surgeon in the Fethiye area, additional information on costs etc would be very helpful. Ta
  4. C

    Cosmetic Dentistry !!

    Has anyone had or know of any good places to look for advice on getting some cosmetic dentisty work done in or around the Fethiye area. I would love to know any details anyone can share as i am looking to hopefully some day soon be able to have that smile of mine changed to a confident one...
  5. perfect1949

    cosmetic surgery would you have it

    i was in yalikavak yesterday talking to this gorgeous woman , that was with her husband . and she was telling me that she had this and that done to herself , and it cost her thousands of pounds . i must admit looking at her i think it was money well spent . but not seeing the before i have...
  6. L

    Non Cosmetic Surgery?

    Hey guys, I'm after a wee bit of maybe botox/fillers when I visit Marmaris. I've heard it's cheaper than UK. Can anyone reccommend anyone/place? Thanks a bunch Lees x
  7. essex_girl

    Cosmetic Dentist - Bodrum

    Is anyone able to recommend a good, gentle cosmetic dentist please? Interested in tooth whitening and possible implant. I feel scared just asking....might need to be knocked out first! Thanks
  8. Mirazz

    Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

    Hi, firstly I apologise if I have posted in the wrong area. I am new to this forum and didn't know where to post. I have been reading (in various sections of the forum) about cosmetic surgery in Turkey. I was wondering if anyone could maybe send me some links to hospitals / clinics which carry...
  9. E


  10. S

    Cosmetic surgery

    I recently underwent surgery as a matter of health, you see I suffer from sleep apnea and have to wear a breathing mask at night, my particular mask is a nasal mask, having had my nose broken on two occassions I was finding it difficult to get used to the of to the doctors to find a...
  11. W

    cosmetic surgery in turkey

    hi Thanks to everyone who emailed me sorry I have not replied but just to update you all my surgery in Turkey ended well although I did have medical problems while I was over there. I was not happy at the onset of my recovery but on reflection and 8 weeks further on my results are now what I...
  12. W

    Cosmetic surgery in Turkey

    Hi Can anyone tell me have they had cosmetic surgery in Turkey as I am thinking of doing so. If no one wants to publicly admit to this which I totally understand could you please pm me with good or bad stories and any advice is welcome.The clinic I wish to use is based in Izmir and I would be...
  13. Bryan Sargent

    Cosmetic Surgery

    hi, my wife is thinking of having some cosmetic surgery do you know anyone who has had this done in Turkey, where and when and price and results etc? regards, Bryan
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