1. T

    Not the Coronavirus

    But my wife had a very nose bleed went to Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland first class the staff brill a big thanks to the N.H.S.
  2. M

    Coronavirus isolation to

    After flying into Istanbul airport you are put into isolation for at least 14 days, my question is: where is the isolation unit, and are you charged any money while you are staying there.
  3. kody

    Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?

    Kanga asked "Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?", I think yes, what do other members think? The down side would be the size but new posts would be in one place at least.
  4. G

    Turk Telekom credit top-up during Coronavirus lock down

    I have a question: Is it possible to go into a shop in Turkey to top-up the credit on a Turk Telekom pay-as-you-go mobile phone, or are all phone shops in Alanya closed, as they are in UK? I am currently in UK and am unable to access my GarantiBank account as my mobile is not accepting...
  5. Tenpin

    Displaced Syrians wary of coronavirus Displaced Syrians wary of coronavirus risk return to war-torn Idlib Thousands of displaced Syrians have begun moving back to their homes in war-torn Idlib province despite the risk of...
  6. S

    Is it wrong to want internet at this coronavirus time?

    Hello, I would really like to get some internet sorted at my home. I live up in the mountains near Göcek Fethyie region and have terrible phone signal. Sometimes I get edge data. But not anywhere near enough to do a video call. It would be really nice to video call my mum and dad back in the...
  7. S

    Do you want Coronavirus????

    I hope what I have been told is utter nonsense unless the citizens of my beloved ex home actually want to die of this virus Can anyone tell me was the Friday market in Fethiye operating today???
  8. S

    Coronavirus Lockdown Blog

    Think I will update a blog from here in Spain during our lockdown 1 because of the total boredom and 2 to let you all know what you have ahead of you Our first notification came on Friday afternoon when govt announced all bars restaurants etc must close from midnight Friday We had restaurant...
  9. V

    Barred from work after travel to Japan due to Coronavirus

    Just had to help my daughter out. She has returned from a holiday in Japan today, only to be told not to go into work for 14 days. She works as a carer for just one client. This has left her financially struggling to pay her bills this month. Not only has she lost 2 weeks salary, but she had...
  10. Yalides


    B*gger me, sounds nasty....:37:
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