1. hayabusa

    Corona Restrictions in Koycegiz....

    Can anyone update me on Corona restrictions in Koycegiz and surrounding areas ?...... I am looking to travel soon there and just want to know and be aware of. Is COVID on a downward trend in Turkey ?, can’t be the same as UK.....
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Positive Corona crisis news

    I know we have several corona threads going but did not want to spoil the factual side of the main one. Let's post a few 'Community at its best' stories to cheer us up. Unfortunately they won't deliver to Turkey. Accrington-based Holland's Pies has announced they will be making five pie drops...
  3. Yalides


    B*gger me, sounds nasty....:37:
  4. S


    Mentioning Bob on another thread got me to thinking about his ultimate destination Bulgaria On TLF for a while it seemed to be THE place to move to with several members extolling its virtues and preparing to exit Turkey to go there Are there any members still over there?
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