1. bickern

    Turn the corner on a decade of austerity

    Boris Johnson's £1trillion Budget spree 'will see him spend more than Tony Blair', Boris Johnson will splurge more than Tony Blair did during his decade in power, Government expenditure set to rise to 40 per cent of gross domestic product, Increase would lift annual expenditure above £1trillion...
  2. Jaycey

    Has Jaycey Gone Rogue? (AKA Children’s Corner)

    In view of the inordinate flow of childish insults coming in my direction I thought it a good idea to start this thread - hopefully it will help to keep serious threads on topic (no thanks required Mushtaq :)). Clearly members posting here will immediately be identified as a Russophile...
  3. E

    British corner shop

    Good afternoon all I have placed an order with the british corner shop with lots of goodies but it's not come yet and when I looked online it says my box is at customs :( I hope I dont have to pay more money it cost me 700tl already. Had anyone ordered from this site or has anyone had a...
  4. richbake

    Bombay Corner

    I wondered if Bombay Corner is still trading but from a different site? I suppose this really should be on the Calis forum but I thought there's more activity on the Fethiye forum. If not are there any other decent curry restaurants in the Fethiye area? ie proper curry as opposed to Turkish...
  5. M

    Comfortable Corner Couch Wanted

    Hi all, could anyone advise me the best furniture shops on the bodrum peninsula to buy a comfortable corner couch or would I be best advised to go to Izmir to buy. I dont want to waste all my holiday searching from shop to shop. Really appreciate any advise.
  6. Jaycey

    Pictures Corner

    We’ve got a Poets Corner, a Book Corner and a Film Corner … how about a Pictures Corner? Friends often comment on my taste in art so I’d like to share a few of the pictures that have taken my fancy recently… And perhaps fellow TLFers would like to share some of their favorite pics? (It has...
  7. pembelu

    corner style sofa for sale 190tl also 4 piece suite for sale 250tl

    selling items for friends based in koycegiz centrum the corner sofa is 190tl in 3 parts as i know the 4 piece suite is 250tl & one turns to bed & they have storage hopefully the pics work when i load them if not PM me & i will send :-) need to be collected they maybe able to help arrange a...
  8. shirleyanntr

    can we have a film corner

    hi mods...we have a book corner which is popular and i have found some suggestions and reviews for some great books and where to find them what do you think abouta similar corner for films we want to share the other night i watched a really moving film ''gifted hands'' the true staory of the...
  9. J

    Large Corner Jacuzzi Bath for Sale Didim Area

    Large Corner Jacuzzi Bath for Sale 130 cm x 130 cm, Champagne/White VGC, only in use two years. Jacuzzi only used three times. Complete with motor, frame etc. Ready for installation. Ideal for rental property. Quick sale £250 (cost £1K)
  10. K

    Turkish Films Corner

    It's great to see the Book Corner up and running. Can I make another suggestion for a new thread? Turkey has a film industry that turns out so many films - sadly many of these are rubbish, but there are some real gems. I sometimes stand in D & R or even Migros and am baffled as to whether any...
  11. P

    Book Corner

    Having seen a few threads here recently and being an avid reader myself, I was wondering if other members would be interested in a dedicated "book corner" where members could post a review of books that they have read, giving a brief overview of the story and whether they liked it or not...
  12. Joe in Tasucu

    That's me in the corner.

    Until last week I had a Ford Escort. It was crap. It broke down at least once a month and was never what you would call reliable. So this week we traded it in and bought a new car. This took some time, and discussion between the wife and I. And all last week I refused to discuss the...
  13. P

    Corner shower tray and cubicle

    How much would I expect to pay to have this done. I don't want anything expensive. A smaller washbasin than the one I have. Is there any plumbing places that won't be clapping their hands when they see me coming. Or they will do themselves out of a sale.
  14. ukizook

    The Corner

    We've had poll's on numerous things on this forum but Im proposing just a straight vote. Cancer Corner [Yes or No] I think the thread labelled Cancer Corner was called correctly, that is what our friend Pebble has and as we now know it has touched many members...
  15. ZiaCa'

    Cheaper Flights and lower emissions round the corner?
  16. Sniffy

    Corner suites..rough cost?

    Can any kind soul tell me roughly how much a comfy corner sofa will set me back?- I know they will vary in price depending on quality but even a rough idea would help. I have checked a couple of mobilya websites - but they don't seem to show prices The apt is in Datca so sadly nowhere near Ikea...
  17. C

    Best place to buy a leather corner sofa?

    Hi We are hoping to furnish our villa in Yalikavak at the beginning of May. We have seen our ideal leather corner sofa in IKEA in the UK but the new IKEA in Izmir (which opens in April and would deliver) does not stock this particular one. Could anyone advise where we could find good quality...
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