1. 3

    Copyright directive

    So will this EU Directive/Law have any effect on forums such as TLF?
  2. C

    Monkey selfie copyright

    A battle is taking place in the courts in the USA over the ownership of a "selfie" taken by a macaque monkey named Naruto, living in Indonesia. A lawsuit was filed by PETA, claiming a photo in a book by British wildlife photographer David Slater - Wildlife personalities, was taken on an...
  3. ExG

    Copyright Violation

    Just got an email from my uk supplier that someone at my address has been reported for downloading copyright material so it looks like the clampdown is starting. Was thinking of going to pay for a dvd rental service but it looks like they are closing down.
  4. juco

    Image copyright

    So as not to hijack the previous thread ( ) I have started this one. Absoluteakbuk, I appreciate that you have now taken 3 of my images off your website however you have now replaced the one in the gallery with...
  5. shirleyanntr

    copyright music

    A young friend made a wonderful video for my birthday..she had collected loads of old photos of the time she has known me and put the Titanic/Celine Dion music as a background. the video is so special that i wanted to share it on Facebook and had a mesage the music is copyright . İ'm wondering...
  6. ceemac


    There have been a couple of incidents today regarding copyrighted material being posted on the forum and resulting in a few veiled threats of legal action. I'm not going to comment on that as I believe that's up to the administration of the forum, but it's obvious that this forum (and all...
  7. T

    DVD Copyright and customs

    Bit of muddy area this one. Does anyone know the situation with regard to copying DVD's for personal viewing in Turkey. The DVD's will be bought in UK and copied via legally available software on PC. I would be interested to know what customs would make of this if I were stopped at either...
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