1. IbrahimAbi

    Inventor of cut,copy and paste

    Died aged 74. This chap made all of our lives so much easier. i remember the astonishment of a teaching colleague of mine when I showed him how to use it. He had previously been retyping stuff. The irony that I had to use copy and paste to put the link into this post. RIP Larry Tesler...
  2. T

    Copy of habitation certificate

    We have an apartment that is one of three in a block. One of our neighbours has contacted us to inform us they have applied for, and received the habitation certificate. They are wanting us to share the cost involved. Now although we are not happy that they did not inform us of this until this...
  3. bickern

    Download a copy of Windows

    For those whom may want a copy of Windows either to re-install to their current Desktop/Lappy or to install on a new system. Create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows 10. "Before you...
  4. C

    Copy film DVD's - Marmaris

    Can anyone recommend the best place in Marmaris to get copy DVD's. We've had some brilliant copy films in the past and some real shockers. It took years for my kids to notice that for about 10 minutes in the middle of Kung Fu Panda it was actually in Chinese. Thanks.
  5. R

    Copy Tapu 3 Party Problem?

    If some one has a copy of your Tapu can it cause any problems. Ie could they attempt to buy the property / claim ownership etc cut electricity off etc Thanks RC
  6. ted j

    Make your copy of windows genuine

    I have just done this, seeing as the Microsoft dickheads in their wisdom have deemed that my copy is illegal First get microsoft updates up and right click update KB971033, then remove it (this does not harm your computer, this "update" is a blatent lie, it is an activation code) Then...
  7. Talkinman

    Copy films to USB stick

    I want to bring out some of my DVD films to watch during our long stay this year, I bought myself a 64gig USB stick but find I am having trouble transferring them to the stick. Is there a program I can use to help me with this? I dont mind if I have to pay for one. It could be that the films are...
  8. M

    Is it normal for insurance agent to ask for copy of TAPU@

    Hi Folks, Only new to this thread so would appreciate some advice. My insurance broker has just asked to see a copy of my TAPU for the first time in three years. Is this normal as I do not want to give them a copy? Thanks
  9. I

    Copy and pasted from 'Introductions'

    Showing the rare lazy side of me!!!!!!! Hello folks......been in Turkey for 5 years, followed TLF for a while but never signed up!!!!! Living in Izmir now but to be honest a little dissappointed in the lack of ''threads'' in the Izmir section of forum discussions!!!!! I am married to a...
  10. D

    Non valid copy of Windows 7

    A friend and I recently bought a new computer each from a well known shop.Its on the main thoroughfares.BUT and this is the crunch.They are loaded with illegal copies of WINDOWS 7.Do I report this to MICROSOFT,POLICE or the makers of the PC who are EXPER??Any advice would be mst welcome.Also...
  11. D

    tapu photo copy

    we gave a civil engineer a photo copy of our tapu so he could look into something for us while we came back to the uk, could he do anything underhand with it lend money on it etc the copy had our photo's on thanks
  12. R

    Request for copy of Passport from Maintenance company.

    Recently our maintenance company has asked for a copy of our TAPU's to try and get us of builders rates onto the mains for water and electric. This is fine. Now they are asking for a copy of the passports for the names on our TAPUS for the local Police. Is this normal, does any other sites...
  13. L

    just received a copy of my tapu

    hi all the developer has e mailed me a copy of my tapu with the x in the left box kat mulkiyei. (thank god). but on the price paid(satis bedeli) its says 0 (zero) is this normal? cheers andy
  14. Helenm150

    Rolex copy

    Hi there, a friend of mine in the UK asked me to take him back a Rolex copy but I have been told it is a big no no with customs and it might be confiscated. I have seen a good quality Swiss ETA mechanism Rolex but it is not cheap - so I am worried about purchasing incase it does get...
  15. bobthenob

    copy and paste a slug

    Is the UK facing a slug plague? WHO, WHAT, WHY? The Magazine answers... l never done this before,to copy and paste.l took this article from the BBC news magazine,l tried to copy and paste a slug on the forum,it just wasn't slimey enough. Slugs can lay 500 eggs a year If all the rain...
  16. Andy

    Copy & Paste

    Just for those that don't know how to Copy & Paste Try it, put the curser over some script hold the LEFT click down on the mouse run over the script and release the LEFT click. Now youv'e hopefully highlighted it so everything has turned blue. Press the RIGHT click again holding the curser...
  17. flowerpotman

    lost tapu copy needed

    Can anyone tell me wether it is possible to get a copy of the Tapu from the issuing office and what do you need to prove that the tapu is yours. thanks phil
  18. lorraine

    Copy of Digital Elec. meter bill..

    Copy of electric bill and how to read a digital meter. So many members asking re electric bills. I hope the above helps. if I have missed anything and I will put right. Unlike the UK electricity bills are not posted, a reader comes to the property and a handheld machine spews out a...
  19. B

    Copy of total buying cost.

    Re: Buying costs Right as promised some buying cost for you all: Agency commision: 3% buyer 3% seller for resales however usually the seller gives a net price that they want in thıer pocket and the commission is added to that. New developments usually the commission is paid by the developer to...
  20. merlin

    Beware: Copy Cigarettes....

    Cigarettes.... Just a little word of warning about buying cigarettes, particularly UK brands which are sold in markets etc in Turkey. NO duty free cigarettes are allowed to be sold outside of Duty Free shops. Normally I wouldnt give a monkeys however, the ones that are being sold are moreover...
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