1. Spurs

    Forced Marriage Cops

    Don't know if anybody watched it but "Forced Marriage Cops" would or should have been an eye opener for many. I know quite a few people myself who have had arranged marriages & I suppose to many of us that's a form of being forced, Don't for one minute think this just applies to the Asian...
  2. S

    US cops - no sense of humour

  3. S

    Its official! Cops really are w****rs!!!!
  4. John O' Dreams

    Cops used dead kids' IDs

    Undercover London police 'used dead children's identities' Undercover police officers working for Britain's biggest force used the identities of dead children and issued fake passports in their names, it was reported. The Metropolitan Police authorised the practice for covert officers...
  5. Yalides

    Don`t mess with our local cops....

    Woman thrown on floor by custody sergeant received death threats because of notorious case | Mail Online Don`t need thugs like this copper in my home town. Should have been kicked out of the force and gone to jail for 10 years.
  6. A

    Hundreds of 9/11 cops diagnosed with cancer

    The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took the lives of 23 NYPD officers who responded to the scene that day. In the decade since though, the number of cops that have died from cancer is more than double that number, and the link, experts say, is astounding. Before the 9/11 tragedy, an...
  7. Pygmallion

    Cops nab suspected mugger

    British robbery victims ID same man A MUGGER’s reign of terror on Altinkum’s streets against British women is believed to have been ended after a suspect was dramatically arrested. Police are now quizzing the man, aged 22, about five attacks in 30 days on British victims following his arrest...
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