1. juco

    Email copies

    If I send an email through hotmail there will be a copy in my sent folder. But if I send an email say to a company via their website which has a click to contact section does my PC retain a copy somewhere?
  2. S

    Five free copies

    5 free copies of the Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide up for grabs on BacktoBodrum blog. BacktoBodrum: Win a Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Draw takes place on 2nd August If link doesn't work just google backtobodrum
  3. G

    Proving Id: Originals or Copies?

    I have made online electronic copies of almost all relevant turkish id papers: Tapu, Iskan, Tax Card, water and tax payment receipts. The thought of loosing the originals is very unpleasant. When visiting government offices Belediye, Tapu Office or Tedas, will I need any of my original...
  4. K

    Passport Copies

    How do you get copies of your passport? Apart from photocopies? When applying for a residence visa. Also is applying for a residence visa the same for every area of Turkey?
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