1. Y

    Turkish Council Tax for co-operatives

    Hi everyone I own a villa near Yalikvak on a co-operative site, which I bought 3 years ago. In the autumn the management informed us that we had to pay 15 years of back council taxes! We do not have the tapu. I believe some residents have paid these back taxes, but as yet I haven't. Anyone...
  2. ceemac

    Housing Co-operatives

    Some info on buying in a Complex; 'Housing Cooperatives are legal entities established in line with Turkish Law No. 1163 and aim at providing their partners (or participants) with residential flats or houses. These entities are one of the most popular methods of acquiring a property among...
  3. C

    Sankop / Cooperatives

    Can anyone give me some information on the do and don'ts of buying into a cooperative? Is it safe? Do you still own it although you only have a share certificate and not a tapu? We saw something we like on the Sankop Sitesi but would like to hear from anyone that lives/owns there of in a...
  4. F

    Housing Co-operatives

    Hi there, I'm in the process of buying a duplex on a housing co-operative scheme. It's been run by the Aydinlar Residential Cooperative in Akbuk-Didim. Have you got any information on the scheme - ie the name of builders etc. Also if you have an general information on how housing schemes...
  5. G

    Capital Gains and Co-Operatives

    I understand that capital gains tax is payable if you sell your property within 4 years. As ours is a co-operative and the tapu is due to be issued some 18 months after purchase, does the 4 years start from the date of tapu or from the original transfer date? Any advice is much appreciated.
  6. B

    co-operatives in Kusadasi

    Hi everyone, Could anyone out there give me some information on buying on a co-operative site, we have seen a lovely villa, but just found out it is on a co-operative site, They want 65 pounds a month for 12 months towards the road pool and landscaping, we dont mind this it seems quite common...
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