1. christella

    cooperative bank

    the bank is up for sale it cant go on any longer suffering losses
  2. B

    Co-operative bank ungovernable?

    BBC News - Co-op Group accepts resignation of chief executive Sutherland The Co-op have got to get their act together after this resignation, but is the Co-op "ungovernable" as has been suggested? Bill.
  3. L

    please help????

    Hi, I live in Sarigerme around the area of where Hilton is building the golf course and hotels of the Dalaman area. i live in a cooperative and i have a problem: almost 20 years aog the houses were inspected and told that they were built too high and too close, it has never been a problem since...
  4. A

    Cooperative dissolving- advice needed

    Carried on from my original Kusadasi forum thread "Aygun Setesi Community". Hi. Our cooperative is due to dissolve May 2008. The 16 year period that cooperatives can continue for is up. Luckily the site (near coke cola depot and stone mason on road to Davutlar, Kusadasi), is nearing...
  5. P

    buying from a cooperative

    i am considering buying an apartment on a complex which is being built by a cooperative in kusadasi.can anybody tell me the difference & legalities & what costs im likely to incurr?????i
  6. H

    Buying into a co-operative

    Hi, I know I have not used the correct term in the title but when someone buys into a community of houses (cannot recall the correct term). Can anyone tell me if the tapu for the property is communal or is it issued separately for each house owner. If communal, how would one go about getting...
  7. B

    Co-operative.. What does it mean?

    We are about to buy a 3 bedroom house in Kumkent in Akbuk. We have only just found out it is in a co-operative. What does that mean? Go on...scare us to death...!
  8. R

    Buying a villa from a co-operative

    Hi We have recently bought a villa from a co-operative (the site is about 99%complete). We have been told different things from different people, so can anyone can answer some questions I have. Deeds do not exist for the villa yet, how much does this cost. The land around the villa, will...
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