1. B

    Co-op Bank/Labour Party.

    BBC News - Labour Party seeks to cut links with Co-op Bank The Co-op Bank must have problems if even the Labour Party are thinking of deserting them. Bill.
  2. B

    Co-operative bank ungovernable?

    BBC News - Co-op Group accepts resignation of chief executive Sutherland The Co-op have got to get their act together after this resignation, but is the Co-op "ungovernable" as has been suggested? Bill.
  3. B

    Is your money in the CO-OP Bank.

    Should Co-op customers be concerned? - Telegraph Should investors be withdrawing their money? Or is it still safe? I know there are Government Guarantees for deposits, but it makes you wonder. Bill.
  4. M

    Senkop Coop Sitesi

    Hi, I am considering buying a villa at the Senkop Sitesi in Gumusluk/Koyunbaba. Does anyone have any experience with this site? The site has about 30 villas, some of which still unfinished. It seems most of the owners are Turkish people. Any advise what I should be watching out for? Thank you...
  5. mollag

    COOP holiday costs barometer

    Post Office holiday costs barometer Just had a look at said barometer, it seems for best performance for value, Spain no2 Portugal no 7 Turkey no 17 Dubai no18 Just keeping the nose in front of Dubai. The reason i looked was that it was mentioned in an article predicting V cheap hols in...
  6. zozatky

    Coop Cheque nos

    Heres a blast from the past .! Can any one remember the Coop cheque nos . Yours or your mams. Our was 27445 one of many nos we never seem to forget.
  7. Aladin

    Co-op near Dalaman

    Does any one know the name of the Co-op near Dalaman at Sarigame (I think that's how it is spelt)? It is a left turn off a tar road and then it is a rather rough track to the complex. The river runs beside it and has been known to flood in the past. Any information apreciated.
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