1. S

    Weather A Bit Cooler?

    We are coming out next Tuesday for 12 days for our last visit this year. I've been looking at the temperatures over the last week since the rain and it seems to be much cooler although temperatures seem to be gradually rising again for the next few days. I guess it will be nice and warm during...
  2. V

    Try this summer cooler!

    Found this delicious recipe online and thought I'd share it with everyone....... Blend 1lb cucumber with the juice of 4-5 limes, a handful of fresh mint and half a cup of water. Add sugar to taste. Strain through a sieve and serve in a large jug with ice and mint sprigs.....add a splash of...
  3. fozzi

    Water cooler wanted

    Anyone got a water cooler surplus to requirements they would like to sell in Altinkum area. Thanks.
  4. val2661

    Husky drinks cooler

    I have for sale a Husky Drinks cooler in black. Brand new and never been used, but removed from box. I brought this out from the UK. Cost me almost £100, will accept 100TL. I'm based in Alanya. Val
  5. the sausage king

    wanted cooler bags

    Hi desperately need cooler bags cooler ice blocks or foam insulation packing boxes help anyone have any ideas
  6. immac

    Evap. Air Cooler

    Evaporative Air Cooler Evaporative Air Cooler: Evaporative air cooler - Symphony Sumo Junior - cools large areas such as patio or garden by blowing air through a water filter. Add ice to improve cooling. On trolley. 40 feet (30 m2) cooling area. 4 ltrs water an hour max. 3 speed blower...
  7. immac

    Water Cooler Cleaning

    I have bought a water cooler this year, which is fantastic. I know they should be cleaned (reservoir etc) between each bottle change, but what products are available in Turkish shops. Do I just use a bleach solution (how dilute)? Or is there some branded product? Ian
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