1. Yalides

    Yalides cool car thread

    Oooh bitch, sold all our properties last year Rob, money in the bank, best place for it. Mind you, wife spending it, came home with a new car today....
  2. S

    Now that's cool!!!

    Daredevils jump from a mountain into a plane - BBC News
  3. tomc1984

    cool box

    Does anyone know where in bodrum area,I can get a car electric coolbox? Koctas had a small black and decker one but need bigger.
  4. Yalides

    Cool box

    Blue cool box with 4 ice thingeys. 40TL
  5. Mag

    R.I.P Salih, Cool Breeze

    It was with great sadness that I learnt about the untimely death of Salih (Sam) of Cool Breeze Restaurant, who died yesterday. Such a lovely guy, wonderful smile and always so welcoming. Thoughts are with his family, and his little son he loved so much...So young and too soon to leave this...
  6. perfect1949

    how do you keep your beer cool in this heat wave

    give me your ideas . dave
  7. S

    Cool fryer

    The big girl is talking about getting one of them new chip fryers than only use a spoonful of oil. Anyone any experience/reviews of these contraptions?
  8. S

    Keeping cool tips

    Here in Uzumlu we have a massive switch in the village square which sets the temp for the whole village. Unfortunately its not working at the minute and I am too bloody hot Now apart from the obvious-switch on the aircon you miserable git, or get into the pool-are there any other tried and...
  9. S

    Cool Breeze

    Does anyone on here know Sehmus from Cool Breeze and if so how trust worthy is he. I have given 500 lira as a deposit on an apartment for next year and now I can't get hold of him. If anyone has a contact no. for him I would be grateful to receive it. Thanks
  10. maggie

    Keep Cool .

    How to keep cool in the heat - Telegraph Hugs Maggie xx
  11. bobthenob

    Keeping Cool

    Now the atmospheric conditions are hot.l thought of starting a thread for many to put their ideas forward on how to keep cool during the summer. 1/What l do is to fill up 2 litre bottles of water and freeze them,ready the next day to thaw gradually. 2/The cloths similar to a j-cloth is wetted...
  12. peter the postie

    How cool were you at 17 years old?

    A cool babe magnet like me? :gulme: P1040856.JPG
  13. KKOB

    I'm Super Cool. Are You ?

    Click Here To Find Out If You're Super Cool
  14. L

    cool jazz

    Just a note to let you know that my husband George will be playing smooth jazz on his saxaphone on Friday evening 7th August at Cafe Asiago in Yalikavak. Free entrance, good food. Why not come along?
  15. KKOB

    Are You Cool ?

    Those of us with children or grandchildren will often wonder what they think of us as parents / grandparents. Take a few minutes to complete the test on this site to measure just how cool you are. How Cool Are You?
  16. gerald

    A little pricey but looks cool.

    A little pricey but looks cool.
  17. Mag

    Cool Breeze Restaurant

    Arrived home last Saturday after 2 brill weeks in Turgutreis. During our first week we dined for the first time in Cool Breeze Restaurant, and it has become one of our firm favourites. The food is excellent, great choice on the menu and they have the best mash and chunky chips I have ever...
  18. DaveL1234

    Keep Cool in Dalaman Airport

    Don't know if this has been posted already but Dalaman Airport has installed thermal body sensors to combat Swine Flu for incoming passengers. Thought that was a good idea but innocent people including children have found the Turkish hard line is a touch different to ours. Taking a child and...
  19. Bubskar

    What's "Cool" and what's not

    :kafa:Most people would say that wearing white socks with sandals is not cool and wearing a smart straw sun hat tied up under your chin is definately not cool amongst other things etc. What do you consider "not cool" and why. For instance the other day my friend commented on the rather slick...
  20. M

    windows & keeping cool

    Hello, Can anyone give advice on what is the best solution for keeping the sun out and keeping inside my apartment cool. I have spent years in Spain where they have metal blinds/shutters which are essential in the midday sun. It makes the rooms totally dark and they do not look attractive...
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