1. Tenpin

    New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients

    New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients, study shows. Cooking rice in a certain way removes over 50 percent of the naturally occurring arsenic in brown rice, and 74 percent in white rice...
  2. Jaycey

    Cooking for Dummies

    Someone has to do it even though I leave myself open to ridicule from those *#@%$* smug culinary geeks (bless them all). So for today’s snafu I’ll kick off with English Crumpets a la BBC ( BBC Food - Recipes - Crumpets )… Which I attempted this evening and made lots of then (I hadn’t realised...
  3. bickern

    Cooking, cleaning and making babies.

    A new documentary on Gloriavale, a segregated Christian community in New Zealand examines what life is like for women in the cult-like community, which is cut off from the rest of the world. A group of about 500 people live near Haupiri on the west coast of the South Island. The sole purpose...
  4. M

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?
  5. R

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste!

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste! The Lion Restaurant (Tosmur, Alanya) invites you to the Çiğköfte Cooking Class: - Learn how to make Traditional Turkish Çiğköfte - Learn the secrets of the Turkish Cuisine Place: The Lion Restaurant Date: 16 of March 2014, Sunday...
  6. Jaycey

    Cooking for Dummies

    This thread really should be called ‘What did you f** up Tonight’ but didn’t want it to be relegated to the Padded Room. It’s great skimming thru the ‘What did you have Tonight?’ thread – there’s a wealth of unshared talent out there. But what about those (myself included) who try and fail...
  7. M

    couscous (without cooking)

    Hello, I'm trying it very difficult to find couscous from the type which can be prepared in 5 minutes with hot water only (sorry I don't know if it has a special name). Does anybody know where to find this or how it is called in Turkey? Thanks, :)
  8. immac

    Cooking Apples

    I never see cooking apples for sale. Thought I would plant a tree this winter. Anyone know of varieties available and what they are called in Turkish? Can you get trees with more than one variety (grafted) on each tree. Ian
  9. M

    Cooking without an oven!

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately the house I'm in at the minute doesn't have an oven and I'm really struggling! We just have 2 gas rings :(! We cook the basics like rice, chips, sausage, egg but has anyone got any basic recipes? My boyfriend grows tomatoes and peppers so anything involving them...
  10. C

    Turkish cooking in the uk

    Hi, please forgive me for my lack of knowledge but im trying to cook some turkish meals at home and am in need of some tera yag, i know this is not the correct spelling but i need to know if any of you know what the nearest to this would be in the uk. Many thanks
  11. sasa

    New Turkish Cookery Programme

    Top chef Allegra McEvedy on Turkey's fantastic food... Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy - Outline Productions I caught this programme last Sunday night-i really recommend it. Although i live a normal Turkish life in Antalya with Him Indoors, i am currently in the UK, so watching...
  12. Jouster

    Cooking on gas

    Hi all, Our electric bill this last month was mahoosive!! I was wondering if anyone might know of a shop that sells and installs domestic gas ovens? Prices etc Help and advce would be appreciated
  13. H

    Cooking Tips

    To stop the discomfort when peeling and choping onions just light a candle ( a small night will do fine ) and place it near your chopping board and this will take 90 percent of the tears away.
  14. beyazbayan

    Cooking Turkish or English

    Having read another thread it got me thinking what do people cook? do they try the local foods or so they stick to their traditional foods? İ know friends who have been here 10 years and still cook a Sunday roast every week even in July and August when all thoughts of an ovens heat causes me to...
  15. N

    diabetic / haemodialysis cooking.

    My dad is now having kidney dialysis and has to keep to a very strict diet. I've been searching for recipe books to help us make meals for him more interesting but havent had much luck. We have an appointment with a dietician next week but in the meantime dad is struggling with bland hospital...
  16. A

    Cooking Chocolate

    Don't know if this is the right place for this but what do I ask for in supermarket when looking for cooking chocolate? Thanks,Derek.
  17. U

    Homemade Cooking to share

    Hello, I do homemade cakes and take orders for any kind of organizations (birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, baby showers) according to your needs. All ingredients either from my garden or from surrounding town people. All diary products from grass eating cows and sheep. I'm a...
  18. turkishknashers

    my cooking rice method

    i thought i would post this as quite a few people have trouble cooking it successfully including myself until i got an ass. chefs job in a college! i told the chef i could cook everything except rice & he taught me how, so i thought i'd share with you two methods that work for me basic rice...
  19. G

    Cooking for the Elderly

    I´m going back to the UK to look after some relatives who are in their 90s, I dont have a clue what they like to eat, I´ve asked them and they said "anything" ! If anyone´s got any ideas please let me know.
  20. shirleyanntr

    great Turkish food blog/ Authentic Turkish cooking

    this is one of the best blogs ive read about Turkish food. its written by a young Turkish girl who believes in sharing authentic recipes as well as some other great info about life in Turkey..she lives in Eskişehir and wants to share food info the pictures are lovely too Give Recipe
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