1. immac

    Ccleaner & TLF Cookie

    I have installed Ccleaner to clean up my computer. Seems to work well but one problem is annoying me. On sites that I use where log-in is required, such as TLF, after I close the site I have to log-in each time I return. I assume (is this right?) that this is to do with cookies. There is a...
  2. petere

    cookie problems ??

    i am having trouble opening messages in hotmail and also in my banking, i can get into these sites but in hotmail i cannot open messages-i just get the cursor whirling round for ever!!. in banking i cannot open statements, first thought it was problem with cookies but have enabled every thing in...
  3. K

    Cookie problems?

    When i go the Home page, either on first log in or from a post, it never brings up the latest home page, it will show the latest post as one from this morning or sometimes yesterday, and i have to refresh every time to get the latest posts up. Also sometimes on accessing a long thread it doesn't...
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