1. sasa

    New Turkish Cookery Programme

    Top chef Allegra McEvedy on Turkey's fantastic food... Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy - Outline Productions I caught this programme last Sunday night-i really recommend it. Although i live a normal Turkish life in Antalya with Him Indoors, i am currently in the UK, so watching...
  2. N


    hi everyone, Is there anyone to learn & taste traditional Turkish foods? We are preparing 3 courses (salads, mezzez, main course & desserts), cooking and having as a lunch or dinner altogether. I print out the recipes in English, too. Please join us for fun and get chance to learn Turkish...
  3. L

    Asda cookery book

    For those in the Uk who are interested, this month's free brochure in Asda, available at the till, has lots of Veggie receipes in, which makes a pleasant change. If there is anyone in Turgetries or surrounding area , let me know and I'll bring you a copy out with me next month.
  4. K

    turkish cookery class

    Just an up date about the the turkish class in the cafe behind the Mosque the time is now changed to 2 untill 3 on wed. there will also be a turkish cookery class at the same time so best of both worlds, PS David & Penny we seen you at Guleys yesterday but did not know it was you we were on our...
  5. tinkycarol

    Basıc/begınners Turkısh cookery book (ın Englısh)

    Hı Can anyone recommend a basıc Turkısh cookery book to get me started please? I have had a quıck look on Amazon. Nothıng fancy or too many ıngredıents (whıch I could get ın UK). Would use ıt more ın UK but nıce to brıng wıth me so not a coffee table sıze book ıf possıble (ıf really good I...
  6. the sausage king

    new cookery section in Voices

    Hi everyone I have started a new cookery section in Voices so if anyone wants a read or has any questions or ideas of what they what, just ask
  7. geordie_nev

    A new Turkish Cookery Book

    I noticed a new Turkish cookery book in the shops the other day called Turquoise: A Chef's Travels in Turkey. Half wrote as a travel diary it features recipes from different regions of Turkey including; Istanbul, Ayvalik, Gaziantep and Cappadocia etc. Not sure what the recipes are like but the...
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