1. Firefox

    British Ambassador Converts

    With all the bad news about Islam Whitehall 3rd most senior ambassador after US and USSR converts/ Submits to Islam. British ambassador to Saudi Arabia announces conversion to Islam | Fox News
  2. W

    English speaking Bible Group in Marmaris

    i was wondering if there might be an English Speaking bible group around Marmaris? Any and all information appreciated.
  3. T

    Discussıon group for English speaking converts?

    Hi does anyone know if there are any discussion groups in english concerning islam. I converted a few years ago and would love to extend my knowledge and understanding. I have attended with some turkish ladies a few 'sohbets' with a hoca but struggle with understanding the religious terminology...
  4. Aleynasdad

    Muslim converts

    Hi! The experience of a Muslim convert is a little different from those who were brought up with Islam or lived in an Islamic commmunity from birth.I would be interested to know (other than me of course) who here is a Muslim convert. By this I mean anyone who lives by the Shahada (Eshedu enla...
  5. ceemac

    Converts To Christianity

    A very unusual story this about a little Christian church in the middle of Istanbul. 'Unlike Turkey’s Christian communities that often belong to a certain Christian sect, one church founded mostly by Turkish converts from Islam eschews any denominational categorization. A member of the...
  6. D

    More converts to Turkey

    We have now over the last three years introduced four new ( never been to Turkey before ) `groups` to the Fethiye / Hisaronu / Olu Deniz area . First there was my eldest son and his family who in 2003 was the first to say " why did you buy a place in Turkey ? and had visions of the movie...
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