1. E

    Road speed control.

    Since the beginning of the year, as well as the police radar checks, on Motorways a new system has started whereby your number plate is read at the beginning of a section and again when you leave and the time taken is recorded and the speed is worked out. I believe there is some leeway given but...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Are we losing control?

    Reading articles like this make me wonder. Moped criminals have been caught by police in London, only to threaten an officer with a knife, slash the wheels of his motorbike and escape. Moped suspects threaten police officer with knife, slash tyres and escape after being caught in London | The...
  3. Spurs

    Ground control

    Incredible science. Deliberately kept away from certain planets for fear of contamination of said planets. Cassini: Space mission's grand finale - BBC News
  4. K

    Gun control

    We could all learn from this example, but I can't see US adopting this anytime soon! How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime - BBC News
  5. C

    How to find a Turkish Lawyer Information

    Hey, I realized that some of forum users having trouble with finding their lawyers current contact info. Also its better to check if he/she is a registered lawyer or not. Check this video to find your lawyers information on
  6. bickern

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device and its CAMERA, here's how to stop it A TERRIFYING new computer virus that allows hackers to take control of your Apple MacBook has been discovered in the wild. Here's everything you need to know. Apple computer owners have ben warned about...

    US Gun Control

    Jim Jefferies - US Gun Control - Live Stand Up Comedy - Best comedian ever 2015 - YouTube
  8. K

    Bye-bye to birth control

    Erdogan wants lots of bouncing turkish babies, look out ladies, you have been warned, birth control is officially TREASON...
  9. Helenm150

    Air-Con Remote control problem

    I have been away from my apartment for a few months and yesterday tried to put the air con on via the remote control but not working - put in new batteries and it was the same - the units turn on and off manually but I don't seem to be able to regulate them manually more than that - I have tried...
  10. P

    A/C control needed.

    I have diamond a/c units, but unfortunately Diamond no longer exists in Turkey Does anyone have a Diamond remote control I can purchase as mine is goosed and I can't get a new one? Thank you
  11. Philogic

    passport control

    Another rant, my wife just took over 30 minutes to get through Antalya Airport. What are they playing at.
  12. G

    For all those XBMC Users: iOS & Android remote control question

    Hi all. I'm guessing there are a fair few TLFers who have bought an android box from our great scuba diver. It's great except for the remote control that comes with it tbh. Fear not, there are ways of saving your thumb the hard work of punching in long film titles, etc. Namely turning your...
  13. G

    Passport Control SAW

    Gary and I have just returned from our first holiday since the change in the visa application. We had to get a connecting flight at SAW to Gazapasia, but as we came up to passport control, we couldn't believe the size of the Que, there were just so many people trying to join it. We only had...
  14. beyazbayan

    Air traffic control

    And now a few gems from Air Traffic Control ========================= Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles ." Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!" ========================= "TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 degrees." "Center...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Gül approves new internet and judiciary control

    president Gül signals he will approve the new internet laws and also the new laws to control the judiciary.. i think this shows he too doesnt want the corruption probes to go further ! Turkey's Gul seen approving tighter control of Internet, courts | Reuters
  16. tomc1984

    remote control drive gates

    Anywhere local who can make manual sliding drive gates into automatic remote control? Possible cost?
  17. mollag

    Crowd control IOM style

    Briefly, its TT week on the IOM when a small police force suddenly has enormous crowd and traffic control duties, have a skeet at this Sgt [hence the staff] going about traffic control in the Manx "Taxim " square we could rent him out to Istanbul. Police Brutality at Isle of Man TT Week!
  18. W

    Air con remote control

    A long shot this but here goes:- Little Swan Boerka Model KFR-35 GW remote control We need a new remote for the above model.Unable to obtain one in Turkey as it appears that this Chinese company no longer trades there,and hardly anybody has heard of them.A pity as the unit works fine,just...
  19. suzyq

    Tragic death shows municipal corruption in stray control policies

    A rare but tragic death that occurred two weeks ago in Turkey’s Kocaeli district in which a 13-year-old boy running from a barking dog -- which might have been a stray or a dog with a handler -- died after getting hit by a bus has brought back discussions about planned changes to Turkey’s...
  20. L

    Dalaman Street Dog Control Centre

    Dalaman Belediye have re-opened the dog centre down by the airport. I've been told they are keeping young, old and ill dogs there. They vaccinate the rest, neuter the female dogs and then put back them on the streets. If you need to contact them this is the number to call : 692 2010 then...
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