1. Jaycey

    All contributions welcome

    British crematoriums made £1.7m for charity last year by selling metal body parts left behind in furnaces... Will members be making any contributions? :noidea:
  2. Yalides

    UK contributions to the EU

    UK contributions to the EU have DOUBLED in five years to £8bn | Daily Mail Online Maybe we should all sit back, let the economy stagnate and live off EU handouts, .....just like France.
  3. Jaycey

    Islamic Contributions to Modern Science

  4. G

    National Insurance Contributions

    We will be moving to Turkey once we have sold our house in England. As we are both not yet at retirement age should we carry on paying national insurance contributions. We will still have an "address" in England. Obviously we would like to still be eligible for NHS treatment and our state...
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