1. V

    Mobile contracts for foreigners

    Turkcell are now offering a full range of mobile phone contracts for foreigners with residence permits who sign up for a new number and a 12 month deal. Previously yabancis have been restricted to pay as you go. To sign up you need to provide your passport, ikhamet and proof of address, either a...
  2. janA

    Emlak Contracts

    We have been trying to sell our house for about 5 years now privately. In January this year we were approached by Reality/TR who gave us the sales pitch, we are the best, we advertise globally and we promise we will sell your house with in a year.They were advertising in Dubai, Russia, Germany...
  3. bal canavar

    Stop Temporary Contracts

    In Kadikoy today the unions were rallying and protesting about the use of taseron (temporary contracts ) a form of subcontracting Which has been on a steep increase increase. Taseron leaves workers with minimal rights. Its been highlighted recently as the miners at Soma were put on these...
  4. L

    Mobile phone contracts Turkey

    Hello. Does anyone know a good place where I can get a phone with a contract for a fair price in Turkey. I would like an I phone or Samsung S2 but know they can be dear to buy here but maybe you can get a contract with one somewhere in Altinkum. Has anyone done it and what paperwork did you...
  5. keny

    ttnet contracts

    My 2 year internet contract has run out.Do they in turkey doas in england and automatically renew your contract if you do not cancell on the day the contract expires?I want to cancel my internet over the winter and renew in spring.Are there any catches to this/Thank you if you can help
  6. T

    Maintenance contracts

    Does anyone know anything about maintenance contracts? Can each apartment choose their own contractor? Or does the whole block use the same contractor? How do you choose the contractor and what do they do? What is the average price? Appreciate your help:speaknoev
  7. E

    Notarised Contracts or Not?

    The British Consulate website advises people causing many people to use English speaking solicitors in Turkey and goes on to recommend a list of solicitors who have no Public Indemnity insurance – something a British solicitor has to have in order to practice law. They make no mention about how...
  8. A

    conned by contracts

    if like me, and i know there are hundreds if not thousands of you? who have been conned by turkish solicitors and builders, into handing over your hard earned cash to purchase a property with a bogus informal contract,this is know wholesale THEFT BY DECEPTION(please see Voices Newspaper)please...
  9. edeller

    UPDATE - Contracts Meeting

    My offer to release a low percentage on contract and the rest on tapu was eventually rejected unequivocally by a seller whos had an apartment for sale for several years. Ive had to walk away.... All your advice was good but tough to implement. If you absolutely have to have a certain...
  10. edeller

    Contracts Meeting

    So....all being well I meet in a couple of weeks (in Turkey) with my Lawyer and my sellers Lawyer (who has POA). As I understand it, this is where we sign contracts, I cough up the dosh and I get the key. I will be leaving POA behind for my Lawyer to finalise things after Ive gone. Military...
  11. C

    Contracts In Turkey ! Urgent !

    I wonder if anybody could help me here? i went to a solicitor in marmaris concerning building a property in marmaris. There was a young man that i met and i decided to purchase some land in 2004. This is what is written in the contract: Contract Parties :1 -Mr ****...
  12. T

    Contracts between Builders/Land-owners

    Does anyone know, what the % split normally is, when these 2 make a contract?. I've recently acquired a copy of the notarised contract that was agreed & signed by the builder (I purchased from, with an emlak) & the ex-land-owners. (4 pages in Turkish, can anyone recommend a translator please &...
  13. Harem

    Rental Contracts

    We live in a house for which we are unable to hold the tapu (unless we form a company and I don't want to go down that road). The tapu is in the name of a Turkish person. We, therefore, have a rental contract with him, but he is holding the original. Sometimes, for instance when renewing our...
  14. J

    Owners Associations and Maintenance Contracts

    We have recently bought an apartment and the developer has handed over maintenance of the site to a third party company. We are having some intial teething problems but hope to get these sorted out. I understand that we, together with the other owners, need to set up an owners association so...
  15. J

    Maintenance Contracts

    I have recently been asked to sign a maintenance contract by a well known local builder.A local expat who manages a number of appartments has been told by a turkish lawyer that maintenance contracts have to be stamped by the notary and are not legal without this.Any comments/Advice greatfully...
  16. bexxy

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    Grrrrrrrrr I have a contract with Orange and becuase I have had the phone now for 9 months I am entitled to an upgrade. In the last two weeks I have been getting calls from Orange and various other companies, all very nice but I am now up to three or four calls per day, every day of the bloody...
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