1. A

    Kira Sozlesmesi rental contract in English?

    Going to rent out my property long term and would like a copy of the rental contract, Kira Sozlesmesi translated into English. I understand the renter needs this contract so they can put the utilities in thier name and be responsible for the payments. Also will be needed when declaring the...
  2. Z

    Lawyer/ client contract terms

    Hi everyone, I am about to hire a lawyer in Istanbul and give POA to him to carry an inheritance case on my behalf ( I am not in the country). But I want to know what to keep in mind and be aware of when signing the agreement. One thing I am worried about is if I need to terminate his service...
  3. D

    Setting up new contract with Aydem

    Our sitesi is changing over to individual electricity meters for each apartment and requires us to set up our own account with Aydem. We have been led to believe that we will need to go to Turkey in person in order to set this up. Is there any way it can be done online, or by email, or even by...
  4. J

    TT Net Contract

    I have a 2 year contract with TT Net for internet and telephone. It expires in July 2017. However, due to unforseen circumstances I will have to return to my own country in July this year...thus leaving 1 year on the current contract. Anybody know am I able to cancel it with TT Net, or if not...
  5. Sunny Seasider

    UK Mobile Phone Contract

    My mobile phone contract expires in 3 weeks. So many different offers and tariffs. So, what do you all have here? I have been with Orange/EE/ now to be part of BT too, for almost 10 years, also our Landline and Broadband are with EE. Should I stay or should I continue to haggle for better...
  6. S

    Quick query - Mobile Contract for Expats?

    Just a quickie Are you allowed a contract mobile phone if you have residency or is it Turks only Thanks
  7. A89

    New electric contract needed?????

    Does anyone know about this?? '' Dear friends , this is from one of the managing companies: Electric agreements In Turkey it is now private companies who are responsible for sale of electricity to private consumers. The company operating in the Alanya area is named CLK Akdeniz. They now...
  8. A

    Unlimited Internet Short term without contract?

    Merhaba, Im renting an apartment from febuary to July, and I want to get fast internet unlimited, can someone help me to find how much it costs without contract?
  9. S

    contract law in Turkey ( not sale of property)

    I am very clear what constitutes a contract in the UK. I assumed the same general principles applied in Turkey . However a recent consultation with a lawyer in Turkey led to him stating that unless a contract is in writing then it is not enforceable in Turkish courts. I have serious doubts re...
  10. M

    Emlak sale contract legal?

    Can anyone tell me if a contract drawn up by an Emlak to sell my villa is legal. many thanks.
  11. keny

    internet without contract

    Is it possible to have the internet without contract? Turk telecom allow contract to cancel after 6 months but if you are in altinkum for only 3 months it would be easier just to have a pay as you go internet! Can anyone help?Thank you in anticipation. Keny
  12. G

    Sales Contract & Notary stamps

    I have a non notarized danish sales contract. Is there a way of checking if there is a legal turkish version somewhere without notifying the emlak who I do not trust?
  13. M

    Is a verbal contract enforcable?

    I have a query sometime ago when I was in Turkey I was talking with a friend of mine. He said a verbal contract example agreeing to a sale example car... is as good as sold as it is a binding contract. Can ayone please elaborate for me? greatly appreciated.:77wu:
  14. N

    Signing contract tomorrow!

    Hi, Im about to rent a new flat and I heard many landlords in Turkey dont like to return deposits for any random reasons, how can I protect myself against this? My friend actually was told when he was moving in he wouldnt get his deposit back even... what the hell??! So Im thinking I should...
  15. G

    Invalid sales contract and building guarantee

    After being charged twice for my Tapu, twice for my Iskan and being told that the receipts for any of my payments were lost by the agency, I discontinued using the services of the Danish Real Estator who sold me my apartment. After all, I am one of the lucky ones who has a Tapu and whose...
  16. A89

    Mobile fone contract

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to have a Turkcell contract in your name if you dont have a residents permit please?
  17. wayne+nik

    fully notarised contract

    HI All i just wondered if anyone had any idea on the cost involved getting a contract fully notarised otherwise ( i am being told ) they are not worth the paper they were written on ?????
  18. Mushtaq

    Contract killer 15 Year old - Turkish mum murdered in London

    A family of killers: Britain's 'youngest hitman', 15, is convicted of murder... just like his brother AND cousin A teenager believed to be Britain's youngest hitman is facing a life sentence today for shooting dead a young mother in a contract killing. Santre Sanchez Gayle was just 15 when he...
  19. C

    tt net contract

    How long do you have to have a contract with TTnet? Can you just have it for a couple of months?
  20. F

    long term let rental contract

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of letting my apartment on a long let and read in one of the english free papers that there is different legislation depending on where you apartment is located. Can anyone shed any light on this and perhaps have a standard rental agreement? Thanks.
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