1. A

    My Lovely Pet Photo CONTEST

    My Lovely Pet Photo CONTEST (Alanya, Turkey) (13th of May - 3rd of June) 1st prize: 500 tl gift sertificate 2nd prize: dinner for 4 3rd prize: dinner for 2 Winning photos and interview with winners also will be published in Alanya Time Magazine. Winners will be announced 4th of June 2014...
  2. C

    No eurovision song contest tonight

    It has been reported in a number of publications that TRT television channel refused to broadcast the Eurovision S.C. tonight because of a lesbian kiss during the Finnish song. I look forward every year to a good laugh and shouting at the TV when the results are announced, my evening is...
  3. Mojive

    National Geographic Photography Contest Winners

    Its all very hit and miss when I take photographs wish I could take credit for one of these!!!!Just thought some on here would appriciate seeing these.The link is a little tempermental but it gets there within 10 secs enjoy:roundgrin: Mo xxNational Geographic Photography Contest Winners: 2011 -...
  4. alison09400

    19th Golden Pigeon Song Contest

    Well we are having a busy few nights here in Kusadasi with events. leading up to Saturday's Final of the 19th Golden Pigeon Song Contest. got underway on Wednesday night. So far, free public concerts at the Peace & Friendship Square on the seafront have been given by Petek Dincoz, Yalin and...
  5. perfect1949

    its the euro vision song contest tonight

    who do you think will win , and before anyone says it who care,s lol. dave
  6. I

    Eurorovision Song Contest

    What an absolute shambles of artistic/musical recognition. The voting system was a political embarrassment which detracted from the true entertainment value attempted by the countries represented. How can any country afford to host this as a genuine talent contest when there are so many...
  7. shirleyanntr

    eurovision song contest

    Turkey has picked its song for this years entry...'Deli' (crazy)by Mor ve Ötesi its all in Turkish this not too keen on it although i like rock..but may be it will improve with listening. you can see a clip on YouTube if you are interested.
  8. shirleyanntr

    Eurovision Song Contest

    who's going to win? Surely this is the most important issue of the day :lol: :lol: :lol: the nail biting...white knuckle finale of the euro song contest :) what's Kenan's chances with his 'Shake it up şekerim' i hope that our 'Terry' will be giving his inimitable quips as usual.. i see...
  9. S

    Beauty Contest

    Hi All the Fethiyelovers... Do you know? ''Miss Lycia of the World'' Beauty Contest will be in Fethiye on August 11 2007 at The Bay Hotel (Gunluklu Bay) Shark..
  10. spitfire

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Yep it's that time of year again :lol: It's Eurovision time again tomorrow night. How do you think the UK will do this year ? Have Turkey got an entry this year :der: Or are they not in Europe yet :kafa: Can't wait for an evening of Music and entertainment :music: Allan
  11. merlin

    Turgutreis Sailing Contest....

    A Sailing contest is being organised for the first time at Turgutreis, Bodrum. The contest starts today at 10:00 and will finish on Sunday. A prizewinner party will be given at D-Marin on Sunday. Merv!
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