1. F

    Contents sale

    Hi We are selling our villa in Dalyan and will be having a house sale on 8-9 April from 9 onwards. For further information please contact our agent King E mlak on 00902522845277. Lots of bargains available. Jay and Geoff Frost
  2. C

    Buildings and contents insurance

    Hi everyone I am about to complete on a propery purchase in April. The lawyer is sorting out my earthquake insurance but I need advice on contents and building insurance. The apartment is an upper apartment and I will be paying maintenance fees is buildings insurance usually covered with those...
  3. niyaz

    Almost new contents for sale in Dalaman

    Hi, I am coming to Dalaman at the end of April 2014 for one week. All the contents I have in the villa which you could say almost new and good condition are for sale. From gents bicycle to almost anything you can think of. Here are few photos to give some idea. Thanks for looking.
  4. S

    house contents Didim/Akbuk

    I am looking to furnish an empty property on an immediate basis and certainly before December 2013. If anyone within the Mavsehir/Didim/Akbuk area is likely to be selling good condition, good quality house contents then I would be very interested to hear from them - preferably via private...
  5. S

    House contents required

    I've found an unfurnished villa to rent and will be needing just about everything Beds, fridge, freezer, table and chairs, settee, microwave, heaters, tv, cooker, washer, pots pans, rugs, etc so if anyone has anything to sell please pm me details and prices Many thanks
  6. luckycat68

    House contents for sale

    Entire contents of house for sale -- far too many things to list but message me if interested in anything and I can send pics and price :dance::dance:
  7. T

    Moving sale!

    Household items & furniture for sale. Queen bed, grandfather clock, gas heater, small table, rocking chair, garden bench, large bedroom dresser lots of crystal, glasses, small tv & wallstand. Cutlery & cabinet plus more ..... Sunday 23rd or Mon 24th after 3pm. Please call or text +16475023097
  8. B

    Help please - re - buildings and contents insurance

    Hi We have just found out that our property management company did not renew our insurance this year so I need to sort something out pronto. I've just contacted Intasure and they seem very expensive - does anyone know of any more companies where I can arrange insurance from the UK? Also - if...
  9. B

    Apartment contents for sale Didim

    Due to moving back to UK in September we are selling some contents ie white goods, bedroom, lounge, dining furniture and a garden swing(2 months old). For more info pm. Les
  10. M

    Earthquake, Buildings and Contents Insurance

    Can someone help me on this subject. I own an apartment at Kusadasi International Golf Resort and wish to do my earthquake, buildings and contents insurance with a reputable firm in Turkey. I look forward to receive a small list/phone no/email address/website links. Thanks very much! Makarand
  11. G

    contents insurance

    is it worthwhile getting contents insurance in turkey? i ask because i have been told that it is almost impossible to get a pay out for a claim as insurance companies in turkey will not pay out. find this a bit hard to believe but i trust the source of this information. could anyone recommend a...
  12. J

    Contents insurance

    Do you take contents insurance for your dalaman prperty in uk or dalaman thank you
  13. V

    Villa contents for sale

    Hello Forum, i am in the process of selling my villa which is situated in Mahmutlar and am selling the contents of the villa plus outside furniture would anyone be interested in buying
  14. L

    House and contents insurance.

    Is it worth taking out house and contents insurance here, in theory it sounds like a good idea but heard a few things that works out in reality it is just a waste of money as lots of things arent covered?
  15. denise bannell

    House contents for sale

    Upright freezer 150 tl Unusual light solid wood bookcase 200 tl large assortment of glasses 15 tl 2 dinnerware set service for 8 15 tl each baking dishes 3 tl each terracota 5 tl each 2 high back cane chairs MUDO 150 tl 1 black metal small Ikea table new 25 tl 2 black designer standard...
  16. denise bannell

    Some house contents for Sale

    I am selling all white good Large Beko Fridge , Freezer, washing machine 7 kg Ariston and Beko Dishwasher . stainless steel stove All house contents Some top quality furniture and misc items
  17. D

    does contents insurance become invalid....

    ....if a property is left unattended through the winter? İn the uk i know normal house policies require almost full time occupation-how is this resolved when many people vacate their turkish properties through the winter?
  18. millilove76

    Apartment contents for sale - Marmaris

    Hi, as some of you may know i have moved back to the husband is in Marmaris working this season and we have kept our apartment going so i could stay when we visit him over the summer. However he thinks he has found a couple who are intersting in taking over the renting of i . This means...
  19. J

    Building and contents insurance

    Hello Would someone please be able to advise me. What is the best insurance company to go to for building, contents and earthquake insurance for a 2 bed apartment? For competitive price and the best cover. Thanks.
  20. D

    earthquake and contents quote

    İ have just had a quote for my appartment for earthquake -217tl and contents(fire and theft) 397---so a total of 614 per annum. the rebuilding value is 200k and the possessions 40k--does it seem right? also are the contents policies 'good' -ie do they pay as promised. as far as i can ascertain...
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