1. bickern

    BBC have YouTube channel for watching content.

    The BBC have a youtube page, they put videos and stuff on there but not full TV shows. Might be of interest to some. :ukflag:
  2. Akasya

    Beware X rated Adult Content

    Today i posted an old childrens nursery rhyme : Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can; Pat it and ***** it and mark it with a 'B', And put it in the oven for Baby and me. I subsequently discovered that the word pri[k was parsed and converted to stars. Can we...
  3. ceemac

    The Times To Charge For Online News Content

    Miserable gits - I for one will not be subscribing and I sincerely hope all the rest don't follow. 'The Times and The Sunday Times have announced they will start charging readers for access to online news content.' Here C
  4. S

    Content Insurance

    Hi all I’ve just been out to Yalikavak to our apartment new apartment at Carpe Diem and require some content insurance and earthquake insurance. Has anybody got some good advice as to what company’s to use and what sort of price we should expect to pay. Many thanks :couch2:
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