1. bickern

    Weekly bin collection is to be axed and mus separate rubbish sepeinto five containers

    It gets worse. Here I get collection twice a week and no problems with what you put in the bin. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Every home must be made to separate its rubbish into at least five bins, the Government says. The enforcement of waste collection...
  2. Yalides

    Outside stowage containers

    Anyone have any idea of where I could buy an outside waterproof locker for keeping paints, tools etc all year round. We have had one the plastic types from Koctas which lets the water in, wanders in the wind and warps in the sun and was a waste of money.
  3. ceemac

    Plastic Food Containers

    An article from Todays Zaman reminding us of the possible health hazards associated with using low quality plastic containers for foodstuffs. Here From what I can gather, it has not been proven that using plastic for food preparation, storage, or cooking is completely safe, yet it's...
  4. S

    containers and residency permits

    Hi reading through some of your questions and answers on taking a container to Turkey full of your household goods can you only bring the container in if you have actually bought a property. I am going to rent for 6/8 months until i find a property to buy so does that mean i cant bring my stuff...
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