1. janA

    Emlak Contracts

    We have been trying to sell our house for about 5 years now privately. In January this year we were approached by Reality/TR who gave us the sales pitch, we are the best, we advertise globally and we promise we will sell your house with in a year.They were advertising in Dubai, Russia, Germany...
  2. P

    info,contacts,even friends needed for green person

    hallo, I'm moving to Fethiye on 11 August and would appreciate it if anyone can tell me the best place to go to get phone line and computer and tv connected (do I need to register first? ) I'm a retired English teacher in further education, now turned artist and printmaker and if there is...
  3. Mushroom

    Useful contacts in Gulluk

    I have just returned from what was a working holiday to get our villa finished internally before we have our holiday next in May. Along the way, I was put in touch with a lady by the name of Nell who was able to assist with the manufacture and fitting of curtains from a shop in Milas. This is...
  4. J

    Pooling information and contacts

    There have been a few enquiries from people wanting to know about lawyers, accountants, insurance and the such. What do you think about pooling our knowledge and posting, to make it easier for us and other people buying or thinkng about buying, letting in Kalkan?
  5. CJD

    Flight contacts dalaman gatwick

    Hi I am looking for contacts that sell tickets back to Uk from Dalaman I know llama travel in Fethiye do but I dont know there number
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