1. C

    Contacting Kapikule border police

    Hello, any Turks or Turkish speakers that could help me find a mail address to the border Police at Kapikule (the main crossing with Bulgaria)? I want to ask them what nationalities can cross Kapikule with only ID Cards. The Turkish MFA, several embassies and the Turkish national Police have...
  2. M

    contacting Finansbank

    Trying to contact them so that I can access my account online. The phone number given just says error. Theres another available but it sounds like our engaged tone. Any advice Thanks
  3. gally

    Help contacting Turk Telekom/TTNET

    Hi I need to cancel my telephone & internet in Manavgat. I can't get out to Turkey this year at all as I am having a prostatectomy soon and with one thing and another it seems we just can't make it this year. My problem is I am paying 100TL per month for the privilege of having internet and...
  4. Jaycey

    Contacting TLF Members

    I’m confused (again!) … When I look at my own contact details it seems as though I am only contactable via Skype yet when I click on this button it shows me as being off line even when I’m online. And there is no PM button showing, nor an email option although this has been entered in my...
  5. C

    Contacting people in Altinkum

    Hi I used to be a rep years ago in Altinkum. I hear it's really changed since then, about 10 years ago. I just wondered if the same people are still there, I'd like get back in touch. I always used to go to Valentino's, is that still there? And does Kutsall still work in the hotel a couple...
  6. C

    Contacting Utku

    Hi, Does anyone have contact numbers - office or mobile for Utku. We r due to go over soon and r trying to make contact to see if our appartment will be ready for occupation. Big thanks Chris and Karen:307bt:
  7. M

    Contacting Turkcell from UK

    Can anyone tell me why I cannot get Turkcell from my UK landline? I am dialling 0090 212 444 0532 and pressing 77 for English. I keep getting the message that the digits I have dialled is "incomplete". Any ideas? Maisie
  8. C3PO

    Contacting Emergency Services

    I have a holiday home in Gulluk that I will visit a few times a year and family and friends will rent it from time to time. None of us will have a Turkish Mobile yet anyone of us may need to call for help in an emergency. Does anyone know if your UK mobile, after it has found Turkcell or...
  9. D

    Contacting Tour Operators in Resort

    Hi everyone. Does anybody have telephone numbers to contact tour operators such as First Choice etc in resort in Hisaronu/Fethiye? Much appreciated. Debbie.xx
  10. G

    Contacting Easy Jet?

    Right, ready for a bit of a saga?? Then I'll begin. When I started planning our Easter trip back in Jan, I thought I'd try and be clever and save a few bob by shopping around, and not necessarilly going the direct flight route. So I had a look and booked with Easy Jet to Istanbul, only to...
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