1. B

    Help to contact residents permit office Mugla.

    Can anyone out there please help me, I applied for my two year residency permit two months ago now, and have a flight booked for the 30th of this month back to the UK if my permit is not back by then I can only stay there for 14 days I believe. I have been unable to find any phone numbers for...
  2. A

    Yapi Kredi Bank in Side ... Contact?

    Does anyone have an email address please for someone at Yapi Kredi bank in Side? The 2 people I was dealing with have both left and their emails just bounce back now with no alternatives offered. Thank you for any advice. :dooh:
  3. C

    Contact details for Garanti Bank Turgutreis

    I am having problems trying to get in touch with Garanti Bank in Turgutreis and after having had a few unsatisfactory phone calls which have not been dealt with by an English speaking representative I feel that I need to contact them via email. Does anybody have an email address for an English...
  4. keny

    contact Yapikredi Altinkum Branch

    Hello, Can anyone help - yapikredi customers. I am in the UK and need to contact the bank. The branch number answers only in Turkish. Does anyone have a 'phone contact at the branch that speaks English? The usual person I deal with Huseyin is off sick. I know there is a man who has a...
  5. R

    Contact details for Akaylar Emlak Didim

    Hi, can any one assist if providing contact details, physical address, tel nos , postal address forakaylaremlak in Didim? I have been trying for months to make contact Many thanks
  6. R

    Ttnet contact details Didim

    Hi, same old chestnut. Does any one have an e-mail address for ttnet in Didim.? Or other communication channel with details that I can use to contact them successfully? Thank you davidh
  7. M

    Trying to contact Yadigar Sari Avukat, can you help please?

    I have been calling/emailing and texting and can't get hold of her. Does anyone know if she is still working as Attorney at Law and Legal Translator. Saw her in May 2016 before the coop? Thanks
  8. bickern

    British Consulate - Contact Details

    British Consulate General, Istanbul Timothy FISHER Consul & Director of Consular Services (Turkey) Alexandra UTKUCU Vice Consul Cengiz KURTUL Consular Officer Serpin ALTUNOK Consular Officer...
  9. Yildez Datca

    Hats for refugees, contact needed!

    Although it seems impossible as I sit in hot sunshine, with holiday makers already frolicking in the sea at 9.00 am, in Eastern Turkey the weather will soon be getting colder, and by October winter will be setting in. It can be severe. The ladies of Datca's Stitch 'n Bitch group are going to...
  10. ted j

    Contact HMRC

    Got off the phone this morning to the DWP, informed them of a change of address (to Turkey) and I wanted to Keep our daughter Tracy's address as a contact address No problems whatsoever, the lady was really helpful when I explained everything would stay the same as it currently is, my state...
  11. J

    Sinan Bakir in Side - contact details

    Hi there. Does anyone know if Sinan Bakir is still around. He had an office behind Side Balik Evi with his father who is a solicitor. We have been trying to get hold of Sinan from the UK but I think we have his old e-mail address. Thank to anyone who can help.
  12. K

    Daily disposable multifocal contact lenses

    Does anyone in Turkey wear these and can you buy them in Turkey? If so what is the cost?
  13. F

    Winter fair - December 7th - stall holders contact me please

    Hi Dalyan's annual winter fair will be held on Saturday Dec 7th. For a double table the cost is 45TL. Anyone who would like a stall please call me on 0533 3373753 or email Arts and crafts stalls have precedence. All monies raised will be going to the Coşku school in Ortaca...
  14. C

    Volkan Jewellers Akbuk contact details?

    Volkan Jewellers Altinkum contact details? Hello all, My parents have recently returned from Akbuk and mentioned this Jewelers in Altinkum as it is where they got my Mum's eternity ring made, they were discussing with the owner getting a ring made for myself but unfortunately mislaid his...
  15. P

    Skype contact requests.

    I have been getting lots of unknown contact requests recently,most I would think from dubious sources.Has anyone else been getting these,is there an application to stop them.
  16. J

    Need to contact Val Whyte

    Hi there, I need to get in contact with Val at Didim Dog Shelter, but I don't have her number. Hopefully she will see this. I have also posted directly to Didim Dog Shelter. There is a dog on our site who has recently been abandoned by his owner. He is a black Boxer Labrador cross who is...
  17. F

    how do i contact Calis Xmas Fair organisers

    Hi. Does anyone have details for the organisers of the calış Xmas fair? Or do the know when it will be? The 1st weekend in Dec is the 1st and 2nd - will it be that early?
  18. teosgirl

    purchasing contact lenses online

    Hi, I'm sure this issue has been covered before, but I tried the search facility which came up blank. Does anyone order contact lenses online and have them delivered to Turkey (if purchased outside Turkey)? And if so, which company do you use and how reliable is the service? I tried...
  19. J

    Trying to contact Mr Butler

    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Mr Butler that lives near to Botanic Gardens. If anyone knows his phone number, or how I can contact him, please let me know. Or I can give him my phone number. Please PM me, if you can help. Thank You.
  20. G

    Contact Info to Alanya Municipality wanted

    I want to pay property tax on my apartment to alanya municipality. In Scndinavia, we can reach our city hall with email. I tried to do the same by going to the Alanya Municipality website: The Official Website of Alanya Municipality (slash translation) But the website only shows that page and...
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