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    Turkey - Emergency Consular Assistance UK Travel advice updated on … Urgent help via Consular assistance team on 020 7008 1500
  2. Carolyn

    British Consular Services

    At some time or another members may find themselves having to administer an oath, affadavit or affirmation of document(s) before a British Consular Official. Until very recently you could make an appointment at certain Vice-Consulates throughout Turkey - e.g. Antalya. Unfortunately this is no...
  3. Carolyn

    Support for British Nationals Abroad - the Consular Service
  4. keny

    consular meeting 7th Dec Altinkum.

    Can someone who is attending this meeting raise the 'illegal pool situation' with the consul?We are in the situation, probably similar to many others that the builder is taking no responsibility for not registering the pool on the habitation certificate.The certificate was granted in 2006 and...
  5. teresa

    Consular offices closed for training

    All UK Consular Offices in Turkey will be closed from lunchtime on Monday 28th November 2011 - Wednesday 30 November for staff training.
  6. dalyansteve

    UK Consular news.

    Anyone who thought they are registered with the British Consulate, think again! We are all expected to re-register through the Locate service and still log on at least once a year to keep registered, this also applies to so-called wardens. "2 years ago I convinced something like 650 people to...
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