1. C

    Vice Consul Antalya Jane Baz

    It does not seem to be noted that the British Vice Consular, Mrs Jane Baz has now retired from her position as Head of Mission. The little people can make a difference,
  2. beyazbayan

    Briitish Consul retires

    Jane has retired and as yet no replacement has been announced amide suggestions that the office may not continue in Antalya. Anyone with an update?
  3. immac

    Consul Meeting 30/05

    Got this email today: "The British Consulate Fethiye will be holding a meeting with residents in Fethiye on 30 May 2012 at 11.00 AM in Oludeniz Town Hall. All British residents are welcome to attend the Meeting. Kind Regards, Ahmet Dorduncu Pro Consul British Consulate Fethiye"
  4. suzyq

    Consul informs expats

    In a prepared speech, Mr Buttigieg informed residents on SGK state health insurance, wills, property, car log books and other traffic related matters, as well as residence permit and visa changes. He then took questions after each issue... Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Consul informs...
  5. scotssteve

    News from the consul!

    Todays meeting gives hope to everyone buying from now on - according to the consulate meeting in Didim this afternoon;the revised laws which we should see next month include much of our wish list - 1. maps to be given to governers/tapu offices - which would allow instant clearance and transfer...
  6. V

    Brit Consul meetings soon

    British Consul will be meeting Akbuk expats for the first time and Altinkum residents......... Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Consul meetings for Akbuk and Didim expats
  7. beyazbayan

    consul visit

    British consul will visit Alanya thursday 20th Grand Okan Hotel Attaturk Cadd 11.00 am no idea of the agenda. But perhaps worth a look.
  8. shirleyanntr

    British consul coming to Alanya

    the British Consul will be having a meeting for Ex pats in the Grand Okan hotel on the 20th Oct. i think the time will be 10.30 to 11 am..but will confirm this tomorrow
  9. beyazbayan

    antalya consul

    İ have been informed there is a new telephone number and address for the uk embassy in ANTALYA The number İ got from the internet is incorrect. Ankara embassy could not give me the number and put me through to a telephone answering machine and İ left a message they rang back with a number...
  10. zozatky

    Consul General Hand.

    Turkey 20 years behind reality. See article.. Consul General Hand: Image of Turkey perhaps 20 years behind reality
  11. no-nem

    Brit Consul Fire.

    Just about a few days before Bayram, I went to the Izmir consul to renew my passport. I was told that it would be best to wait till after new year to pop in and collect due to Christmas etc. I phoned this morning, and on New years eve they had a fire at the Consul. Some stuff was retrieved by...
  12. merlin

    English Consul (Ankara)... Current Fees....

    No point in posting the fees here because they are likely to chance so the link is better! and Notary fees are here...
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