1. Tenpin

    News Construction costs rise 107 percent

    Construction costs rise 107 percent Extract: The construction cost index increased by 106.6 percent in April from a year earlier, data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) showed. Construction costs rose by...
  2. Tenpin

    News 100-plus workers in Ankara US Embassy construction fired on spot

    100-plus workers in Ankara US Embassy construction fired on spot Extract: More than 100 employees working on the construction of the new building of the U.S. Embassy in the Turkish capital...
  3. M

    New construction plans in Datça

    Somebody forwarded this interesting article to me from 'Hurriyet'. It talks about a large new planned development in Datça, which is something that will probably have an impact on all us ex-pats who live here or who have houses here. Does anyone know any more about this? Opening of Turkish...
  4. mamish

    Illegal construction - equal treatment?

    So, one is ordered to be demolished. What about the other one? And if it's not, does that give grounds for challenging demolition orders on all "illegal" construction?? 'Illegal' construction of Reza Zarrab to be demolished - CRIME Construction of presidential palace unlawful: Turkey's top...
  5. N

    "Akbuk Residence" - Tapu holders in Block C

    Hi, I am trying to locate people who own Tapus for block C in a complex which was started several years ago by ARM Construction, called "Akbuk Residence"... about half the site was built, then the builder went bust / disappeared. Block A recently was completed by the people who own Tapus in...
  6. teosgirl

    Iztuzu beach construction

    Tuncay Ozkan (ex imprisoned journalist) is sharing pictures from Ituzu beach today, claiming that heavy machinery is heading to the beach, and that people are being refused entry today. The pictures also show Jandarma standing guard in what looks like riot gear (with shields). Anyone have any...
  7. shirleyanntr

    10 workers killed at Istanbul Construction site

    10 workers were killed ...and people who tried to protest at the poor safety conditions were met with water canon and tear gas is so depressing the way workers are treated in this country under this government who have had 12 years to improve working pay and conditions for the worst off people...
  8. V

    Arm construction debacle

    Hi, ex owner at armoni who has lost contact with other ex owners, just wondering if anyone has managed to get justice/property or money back from the whole carry on? Found some pictures today of BBQ nights at armoni in the summer which prompted the question.
  9. S

    Konak Construction is looking for Sales Agents

    Konak Construction is looking for Sales Agents, fluent in both English and Russian Location: ALANYA Headquarter Required Qualifications: - Experience in real estate is not mandatory but will be considered as a plus - Fluent speaking skills in both languages - Pro-active and open to team work...
  10. L


    Can anyone tell me when construction work has to stop for the summer please?
  11. T

    Anyone know CKR Construction in Mahmutlar / Alanya?

    Hi, Has anyone had any dealings with CKR Construction or New Home In Turkey, based in Mahmutlar, if so would you buy from them ? Tash
  12. Spurs

    Any info on Sky Construction in Turgutreis?

    Anyone had any dealings with a Company called RedSky Developers in Turgutreis please ? PMs welcomed or on the open forum.
  13. suzyq

    Turkish construction law -- habitation certificate

    A habitation certificate is one of the trickiest matters in Turkish construction law and I personally believe that it was indeed designed in a very difficult to understand, ambiguous and confusing manner supplemented with several sub legislations for the convenience of practitioners for when...

    mese construction sites

    hi everyone I would be interested to know if all the Mese Construction sites in Altinkum now have their habitation certificates and if they had to use a third party to obtain same . The reason im interested is because i have a property at Pearl Rock and we are still trying to get our...
  15. suzyq

    New Changes to Construction Law

    There has been a change to the Turkish construction law and its related sub legislation. The following chapter is the new regulation that completely replaces the previous one, making the previous law null and void. It is already quite confusing and rather than talking about the old law which has...
  16. S

    ARM CONSTRUCTION LTD- have you been affected?

    Hi all, I am looking for people who have paid money to this company for property for which they never received a tapu, money was borrowed on the property and you have since lost the property or if you were one of those who in an effort to salvage something from this fiasco paid over another...
  17. Esther Mofet

    Manzara Construction in Fethiye

    Duplicate post Please delet!!!!!!
  18. J

    Manzara Construction

    Seems to be a lot of talk locally about Manzara Construction and their current financial position, anyone on here heard anything? JF
  19. L

    TURKISH AEGEAN HOMES and BBCG Construction

    Hi Doe's anyone know of TURKISH AEGEAN HOMES Estate agents and BBCG Construction? are they a reputable company and trustworthy. thank you, Lindo
  20. scotssteve

    A.r.m. Construction - habitation

    Afternoon to anyone who bought from A.R.M. Just a short post to advise that we are happy to be retained by any owner who has not yet obtained their Habitation Certificate. Please PM or use the contact slot at the top of the page regards
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