1. mollag

    Irish Hard Border, consequences?

    It is starting to look like a hard border separating the Island of Ireland is almost a reality :hand:, any thoughts on the fallout from this should it occur? I cannot see it being anything but negative for all concerned. We will have hard borders between the UK and all EU members, can anyone...
  2. 1

    Consequences of RP cancellation for 120day violation.

    Having now clarified the RP 120day issue; I have a couple of questions that are directly linked to the RP and its' continued validity for the holder that I hope will be answered. 1 - Can anyone please provide a definitive list of topics/things for which a valid & current RP is essential? IE -...
  3. Philogic

    Election consequences?

    So, what will it mean to us, the ex pats, visitors and tourists? Will there be major changes? I see the Lira has just gone up against the pound again. And what about important things, will my barber be charging more? Will the price of Efes go up?😇😨
  4. KKOB

    Kurban Bayram - The Consequences

    This from the Turkish Daily News. The Animals Have The Last Word ? " The Feast of the Sacrifice ended yesterday with more than 1,800 people injured and three people died of heart failure while trying to butcher their animals, news agencies reported. Many also had difficulties trying to...
  5. immac

    Aegean Drought Consequences

    From TDN: Drought strikes the Aegean Monday, July 30, 2007 Gözde Aslantaş İZMİR – Turkish Daily News Meteorological disasters continue to cause notable damage all around the Aegean. While water sources are reducing, grape and olive orchards struck by the drought disappoint not only the...
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