1. R

    Paying in Sterling-Don't be conned.

    Hi All, Just booked a one way return fare from Dalaman to Newcastle in October with I went right through the booking process until I came to the bit to pay with my debit card. The total cost in Euros was 296. I chose to pay in Sterling when I noticed the cost was £294. I went back...
  2. mollag

    Ive been conned.

    Well miffed here, i replied to this advert in the Bod Bulletin in good faith and i feel let down by the response :faint2: SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your car...
  3. R

    British Victims Of Turkish Fraud

    I stumbled across this site below. I don't know if it is genuine and I cannot vouch for it and have no association with it, but thought it might be useful as I know many people have been duped in Turkey. Turkish Fraud
  4. S

    How easily are we conned????

    Kicking on from some of todays other posts re possible tall stories (alienturkey thread) or indeed people being more trusting/gullible when abroad (wide eye thread) are we all equally likely to be conned? Are conmen smart or are we naive and most importantly (not the obvious ones please!) any...
  5. A

    conned by contracts

    if like me, and i know there are hundreds if not thousands of you? who have been conned by turkish solicitors and builders, into handing over your hard earned cash to purchase a property with a bogus informal contract,this is know wholesale THEFT BY DECEPTION(please see Voices Newspaper)please...
  6. ceemac

    Are Expats, Living Abroad and Away from Home, More Easily Conned?

    Sound familiar? 'If you don’t live in Spain you may not have heard the story about John Hirst, a Majorcan based British expatriate who has allegedly conned and swindled his way through his life abroad and now ‘disappeared’ leaving many of his expatriate victims’ lives in ruins.' Here C
  7. Martyn

    How I was conned at Notts County

    Sven's story Sven-Goran Eriksson: How I was conned at Notts County | Football | The Guardian
  8. bobthenob

    The estate agent that conned me

    The time has come for me now to tell all about my nightmarish experience here in Turkey,since l just don't care anymore on what people think and l need to get this anger out of me to release the pressure. l will also be leaving the forum only temporarily in a couple of months until l can afford...
  9. bickern

    The man who conned the world

    Banks, billionaires, charities and film stars are among the victims of the '$50bn fraudster', whose exposure deals a fresh blow to financial confidence, according to one tycoon facing a $9bn loss. Investors around the world are counting the spiralling cost of the biggest fraud in history, a...
  10. D

    Conned by a Brit in Calis

    Conned by a Brit I am quite saddened to hear of these stories where people are tried to be taken advantage of by turks, because as all of us know the majority are honest hard working people.But it is not only a small minority of Turkish people who do this. I was not so lucky, although I was...
  11. N

    I have been conned big time please read.

    I am LIVID to say the least. Do you remember I said I went to the jewellers in Altinkum the one at the corner beside the roundabout to have my rings made in to platinum.....well they have just come back from the Asay office here in Ireland and they are only 14k white gold! Anna
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