1. Helenm150

    Scart connections

    Hi, can anyone guide me with connecting sky box (my aerial source) to Humax recorder and TV. I have tried every permeatation of scart connections. Best I have managed is scart leads in both tv and vcr sockets on sky box, one scart going to vcr scart socket on Humax and other one to TV. This...
  2. B

    electric and water connections

    does anyone know if this is right.last year i paid my developer £450 for water and electric connections as i could not be their at time,but when i went over 2 months later i was taken by them to water board to put my name on bill,but because electric board were putting new transformer in...
  3. Ms Who

    Internet Connections

    Morning all, For anyone that is interested, there are a couple of companies in Altinkum that will set you up with an internet connection in your property without having to have a phone line. Akmimel do a package for 480 lira installation, then 49 lira per month. They need roof access to see if...
  4. bodrumchic

    ADSL connections in Bodrum

    Have decided to take the plunge and get online at home. I've got a normal telephone line in already and I know I need to get ADSL seperately from the PTT. Can just about cope with that. I know that there are several firms around that will come and set up a modem etc. Question is, who to trust...
  5. Maidmarion

    Problems getting TAPU and connections

    Re: the truth about estate agents in Turkey Hi vjvodka, I am new so I am not sure how it works but here goes. We bought in Altinkum 10 months ago, we have NO Tapu, NO water, NO electricity and NO where to stay when we come over which has been 3 time since the purchase. The whole asking...
  6. N

    Utility connections queries

    help...we've been cut off Our agent who we bought off and who is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike was supposed to pay our utility bills so we gave him POA on our account to set up a DD but guess what....there is a sticker on our meter saying we have been cut off. Now why am I not...
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