1. juco

    Netbook connection help

    I cant get a connection, it was working last time I used it. When I right click on choose a wireless network I get a good signal BUT....validating identity.... and it just sits there trying to validate. Anyone know how to sort this.
  2. J

    Internet connection

    Hi All We are coming to Yali next year for 6 months 2 lots of 3. Does any one know if we can buy a 6 month Internet connection to use in our modem/router. Up till now have been buying 15 GBs from Turkcell which has been not very successful. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jodwina
  3. juco

    Help with internet connection

    I gave this PC away to a guy for his business it is old and uses win xp, I had it working here with a wi-fi (stick) His son set it up for him and apparently configured as below, can anyone help.
  4. L

    Internet connection

    Hi Guys, We have an apartment in Sunlight Homes, Gumusluk but there is no telephone line to the complex. We are now retired and plan on spending longer there. We would like to have an internet connection and possibly English tv, is this possible? Even better if we could pay for the isp...
  5. immac

    Connection problem after update

    This morning my computer (Win 10) did an automatic update and asked for restart. When I restarted I could not connect to internet using normal method. Windows Network Diagnostics, displayed a problem "one or more protocols are missing on this computer". Another note added "Windows Sockets...
  6. D

    Connection at SAW Istanbul

    Hi I just wondered, probably panicking too much as I have done it before, but I'm flying from London Gatwick to Istanbul SAW with Turkish Airlines, and 1 hour 20 mins after the estimated arrival I have a connection to Izmir with Turkish Airlines. What are THY usually like if you miss...
  7. Mag

    Sabhia Gocken connection time.

    Looking at travelling London to Bodrum with just over an hour stopover for connecting flight in Sabhia Gocken, with Turkish Airlines. Have never flown this route before. Any advice as to how big the airport is and how smooth or not the transfer to the connecting flight is? Thanks!
  8. T

    Internet connection probs

    I am having problems with my broadband connection. I am not at all techy. My broadband provider tells me there is an open fault on my telephone line and this is causing the broadband problems I am having. I contacted my phone provider I use a different company because I have a contract with...
  9. M

    TTNET Internet connection comes and goes.

    Almost every day my internet connection stops for 1 to 3 hours between 19:00 and 21:00. I have been logging my internet connection since March this year with RouterStats. The internet connection seems to stop at dusk or the end of the working day. In winter it is the same between 18:00 and...
  10. A

    Long turn rental w. connection to Ayazaga, Istanbul

    Hello everyone! Congratulations for the impressive forum! I have definitely learned so much! But did not get much info from the Istanbul forum... Firstly I seek some pieces of advice... I am going to work in Istanbul for three years. The work is in Ayazaga, Sisli district. Near a metro station...
  11. C

    Laptop's lost WiFi connection

    Help! I turned on my laptop today to find it would not connect to my wifi. Nothing wrong with the router as we are running ipads off it with no problems. I used an ethernet cable so I could go on line and check if I needed updates to the wlan card driver but all up to date. I also ran a...
  12. G

    broadband connection

    Hi everyone can anyone help with this problem, how can we get an internet connection on an ipad when we come over to our house during the holidays not withstanding the wfi of restaurants,bars & hotels.
  13. Tommie

    DSL Connection

    My friend, who is not that bright when it comes to PCs, had a problem with her PC and asked me to help her out. Checked out her PC and found it was OK, apart from the fact she could not reconnect to internet. Noted that on the router, most lights were green (the power was red but it's an old...
  14. R

    Electricity connection and multiple names on TAPU

    Hi forum members! Really confused and have some questions that I hope someone can answer offhand: Can I get my property (situated in Akbuk) connected to electricity bymyself in Turkey even if the property itself has more than one name on the TAPU? Also how long would it take from registering...
  15. maggie

    connection set up

    Help again please , I have recently re installed windows on my desk top computer and had to have help re installing the network connections I have internet on my desk top and my tablet but cannot connect to internet on my net book .I realize I may need to put some settings in but darent...
  16. Summertime

    Cost of elec and water connection

    Can anyone tell me, please, the real costs of connecting: 1 Power. 2 Water. And how much is the MC and translator Notary and Tapu office. Have been looking at Emlaks website, and they charge about 1100 pounds for this service, which must be extremely high cost compare to the real cost.
  17. Tommie

    TTNet - bad connection

    Have only been out here a few days and my internet connection is crap. For the last few hours the connection is lost for a few minutes then comes back again. Impossible to do anything on the net, especially TLF. And this was before the rain. Slightly OT but if I have a local wifi drive that...
  18. K

    Fastest internet connection in Alanya

    Hello Turks. Im about to buy an apartment in Alanya. I would like to know from witch company i can buy the best connect. - Kasper :218by:
  19. O

    Fibre optic underground cable connection in Dalyan

    At last. :)
  20. H

    connection times at Istanbul

    Hi All Looking for a bit of advice. We are looking at doing an connection flight at Istanbul. What is the shortest wait time we can do at Istanbul befor we fly to our destination. I see a flight with a 45 min wait but is this enough time to get from one plane to another? Also do you pay your...
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