1. A89

    UKTV access not connecting

    Is anyone else unable to connect to UK TV access this morning? alison
  2. A89

    UKTV access not connecting

    If anyone here uses UKTV Access and is able to connect would you please pm me your server number? The one I use seems to be down and I no longer have a spare number. alison
  3. P

    Connecting flight delays

    Hi, we're considering a January visit to Marmaris so no direct flights to DLM but stop overs/connecting flights with Pegasus in Sabiha Gokcen airport. Incoming is fine but return journey would mean a wait time of over 9 hours before the flight home to London. We don't fancy this! Are we allowed...
  4. A89

    UKTV access not connecting...

    Is anyone else having a problem connecting this afternoon? Im getting error message 800 cannot establish a connection to the VPN. Was fine earlier. I'm using XP, can it be something to do with that? Alison
  5. E

    Connecting flight Istanbul s gokcen

    Having never used this airport I'm a bit nervous. I have booked a flight from Dalaman to Dtansted which stops in Istanbul. There is one hour between my flight landing from Dalaman until the flight leaves for Stansted. The flights are booked with Peguaus airlines again which I have never used...
  6. M

    connecting flights

    has anyone who has had a connecting flight at istanbul airport with only an hour between flights actually managed to catch the flight in time. also do they transfer the baggage between the planes for you or do you have to collect from the carousel and then check them in again. not sure wether to...
  7. Spike

    Connecting to home wireless LAN

    Well, lightning through the telephone line cooked another router the other day, so bought a new one, cheapie this time, "Tenda" (PRC of course). Set it up and got 2 Acer laptops connected no bother. However an Acer notebook refuses to connect. Done exactly the same things, view available...
  8. val2661

    Connecting to uktv???

    Is anyone else having problems with connecting to UKTV today? Every time I connect, it comes up that I am connected, then I lose my internet connection. As soon as I disconnect from UKTV my internet connection (wi-fi) comes back on. Please tell me it's not the Government crackdown on access to...
  9. M

    BA connecting flights

    This may be a silly question but we are flying out tomorrow on BA. We fly Newcastle-Heathrow then Heathrow-Turkey, do we pick our suitcases up in-between flights or are they automatically transferred? x
  10. J

    Pegasus airlines - connecting flight baggage?

    hi everyone, I wondered if anyone has flown from Turkey to Stansted in the UK via Istanbul with Pegasus recently? If so, do you know if you have to collect your luggage from one plane to the connecting one or do they sort out the luggage for you for the last leg of the journey? I have tried to...
  11. Mirazz

    Connecting Flights

    Hi, I am looking for a little bit of help and advice regarding connecting flights to Instanbul. The last time I went to Istanbul I flew direct from Manchester. This time, to save driving down to Manchester and paying for a hotel and parking, I was thinking of flying from Newcastle via either...
  12. CJD

    Help needed connecting to internet sites

    I am having trouble connecting to a lot of internet sites including this one I can only connect via my uk computer which is a slow way of doing things. I have a netgear wireless key and zyxel modem to ttnet any ideas?? could it be web browser settings although I dont know why they would have...
  13. Martyn

    Connecting up your TV

    I don't know about you but it drives me mad when I have to setup my home tv/sky/dvd etc. I used this site about a year ago and just found the bookmark.
  14. tomc1984

    Connecting slingbox to TV

    Hi, Anybody know the answer to this, I know the principle of the slingbox and how it works, great if I have a pc connection, anybody know if the laptop can be connected to a tv to watch programmes. Without a slingbox, you can also use Orb, just google it, it allows you to connect via the...
  15. Trevor

    connecting to electric and water

    My friend is moving to Altinkum on 9th May - her agent has been on the phone saying that her tapu will be through about 5 days later but he cant get her leccy and water connected until her tapu is through. I know that some people on the forum were in their places prior to getting their tapu so...
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