1. S

    Can I use Freestat tv connected to virgin cable

    My friend wants to get out of virgin cable as it's costing too much. Can he use a freesat box and connect to the virgin cable so that he can just have freesat that's just a one off payment. Any answers gratefully received.
  2. N

    Getting a telephone connected without a residency permit

    Hi, does anyone know of a way / workaround getting a telephone line installed at my holiday villa so that I can then get the internet. I only have a tourist visa . Its mad they dont seem to want my money. Internet tv uses to much data so I need a landline . Any suggestions please.
  3. P

    Getting Connected

    Would like advice on setting up: 1. Phoneline 2. Inertrnet 3. English speaking TV channels. ( Sky Sports Movies etc.) Installation + Running costs. I take it ther are standing minimum monthly charges as a base! Also whats the coverage like near Paradise Beach? All info would be great! Cheers.
  4. gipsybabe

    Mains Gas being connected at new complex

    Hi The new development that we are buying at told us last week that they have decided to have mains gas connected to the site and that we HAVE to pay the £200 deposit to gas company and £400 infrastructure cost. Then no portable canisters of gas but a meter. Does anyone have any previous...
  5. N

    Electricity connected

    Anyone know how long it takes to have electricity and water turned on as I have a sneaky suspicion we will have been disconnected by the time we go over as we have not yet paid our bills. I don't want to be going over to find we have no ac especially with the kids, they need it at night. I don't...
  6. Mushtaq

    Getting connected to the Net in Turkey

    I have been trying to find information about getting a phone line for our place in Akbuk so that I can get on the INTERNET when I'm there for longer periods of time. It appears that getting a phone line is pretty easy, quick and cheap compared to the UK. You need to fill in an application form...
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