1. A89

    Connect laptop to İpod dock as speakers

    I use my laptop as a TV with a pair of cheap speakers and Ive been thinking of starting to play cds on it now ıve brought them from UK but sitting next to it is my super duper Sony Ipod dock. Is there a way to connect my laptop to the dock to use that instead of speakers? Ive just looked at it...
  2. C

    Expats to connect with

    Expats to meet I am a 44 years old Turkish lady and I live about 1 drive away from Antalya.I am a medical doctor and have been in the medical field for almost 20 years now. My biggest passion is travelling abroad and meeting cultures different from mine.I have been to almost 30 countries so...
  3. A89

    phone wont connect to wifi

    Does anyone have any idea why a Samsung Galaxy S3 would connect to WiFi in UK no problem but wont connect here? Wifi is open and it accepts my password as correct but then doesnt even try to connect just says 'saved, secured'. Ive tried to connect in another wifi area too and its just the same...
  4. altinkumforum

    Car for sale Ford tourneo connect - Altinkum

    2009 Ford tourneo connect Diesel, two sliding door, abs, aircon, two airbags etc.138.000km on clock. genuine no accident or painted part at all. all taxes has been paid mot just been done about two weeks ago. price is 23.500TL The car is located in didim can be viewed anytime. excellent price...
  5. C

    koycegiz - For Sale 2013 ford tourneo connect glx silver

    hi i am selling my ford tourneo connect glx silver model comes with full packet including park sensors and mobile phone connections (bluetooth) 1798 cc diesel, manuel, 3800 km, purchased may 2013, colour is blue but called avalon grey,as new condition inside and out this model has the new eco 5...
  6. gren

    HELP! I can't connect to the TLF website!!

    OK all you Techno IT Network wizards! I cannot get TLF without using a proxy. All other websites are fine.. I'm using Firefox, AVG 8.0 and Vista basic. Never had this problem before.... I've uninstalled and reinstalled both AVG and Firefox, flushed the DNS, tried to change the timeout...
  7. bickern

    find and connect to open WiFi points

    Easy WiFi Radar Some things in life should be free. Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. And we're giving it away for your PC. Easy...
  8. S

    Need help with finding Internet Connect in Side?

    Hi there, We are hoping that someone on the Side forum can help us find internet connect in the area? We are renting a private apartment in June for a fortnight and will need to access the internet whilst we are there unfortunately so we can keep upto date with work. However, we cant find...
  9. M

    How long does it take for the electric to connect ?

    Hi , I was wondering how long it takes for the water and electric to be switched on one you have registered with it in your own name at the tedas ? In otherwords will I be able to get lec and water within a day of registering ?? Thanks any help would be of value (p.s. its for the konacik area )
  10. jane2005

    Connect card help please!

    I have just bought a connect card for my laptop, the laptop runs on Windows Vista. The Vodaphone shop here in Kusadasi assured me everything would be fine, charged me 400ytl for the connect card, but said they needed my passport to buy the sim card. Drove home, got the passport went back to...
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