1. yalimart

    Congratulations Rio

    So it looks like Rio is marrying his young lady in Marmaris at a posh hotel, I hadn't realised there were posh hotels in Marmaris to be far. I knew it was never going to be Gumbet, Altinkum or Yalikavak for that matter I thought maybe down near Side but no after a little research it turns out to...
  2. abba

    Congratulations Turkey

    Congratulations on a well played game beating France 2 - 0
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans for getting rid of the leaches that were the Oyston family. May they now move forward with vigour
  4. yalimart


    Congratulations to the country's fat cats, lunchtime today is when they have earned what most will earn in the whole of 2017. 'Fat Cat Wednesday' highlights pay inequality 'Fat Cat Wednesday' highlights pay inequality Martin
  5. bickern

    Congratulations to Theresa May on her election victory in 2020

    Well, looks like Theresa will be a happy bunny after having the election victory she will no doubt have in 2020 confirmed today. Jeremy Corbyn and boundary changes due to reduction of MPs makes it more of a certainty.
  6. L

    Congratulations Carolyn

    I am sure everyone will join in wishing Carolyn and her new husband all the very best wishes in the world. Many congratulations to you both.
  7. bal canavar


    Congratulations to Adam Tate on his win on The Tour Of Turkey cycle race and on Mark Cavendish for his sprint win in the fourth section .:tigger:
  8. bal canavar


    Big congratulations to CHP Vefa Salman on winning the recount in Yalova against the AKP and glad the Kartal recount on a appeal by the AKP showed not only did they lose but another 8000 votes for CHP had,had not been counted so a bigger majority for CHP . Hope the recounts go well for the...
  9. yalimart


    To Jerry and Seyda on your wedding and all the very best for the future Martin & Linsey
  10. G

    Congratulations Celtic!!!

    Congratulations to Neil and the Bhoys for winning the Scottish Premier League today. Well done!!!:thumbup:
  11. tykatem

    Congratulations TLF

    Big pat on the back to Mushtaq, moderators and members of TLF, today saw the membership rise to a total of 22,000 Pete
  12. perfect1949

    congratulations teosgirl

    for reaching 3000 post's well done , keep them coming . dave:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  13. Sunny Seasider

    Pineapple (Diane) Congratulations

    Well my friend I've just noticed you've hit a milestone tonight, WELL DONE YOU 5,OOO POSTS. May I say to you, keep em coming girl, love your posts, always the poster of reason, take NO prisoners, mind, lol. :3:
  14. W

    congratulations - Tapas

    well done Yalikvak - so far as i know 4 dogs have DIED AN AGONISING SLOW DEATH (one of them Tapas was old (bless him he was too old and fat) and didnt bother anyone -he deserved a dignified old age death) next time thomas cook etc print their brochure dont forget to add street dogs friendly...
  15. B

    Congratulations Emrah

    would just to congratulate Emrah from kosede and his wife on the birth of there son on the 11th march not sure of his name yet but im sure someone will be along soon with an update
  16. Sunny Seasider

    'Congratulations' Peter McIntosh

    I hope you both have a very special day today Peter. Here's wishing both you and Margaret many Congratulations for your wedding. I know you will have a great day, thinking of you. Lesley xx :blowkiss:
  17. Sunny Seasider


    :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: On your 2,000th Post Dave. Keep those threads and posts a-coming. Here's to many many more Dave. :bigkiss:
  18. S

    Congratulations on.....!!!!!

    Hi, Ok So I know what the basic congratulations is, but I want to be able to say a little more. My friend has just taken his written driving test and hopefully has passed it. we have yet to find out. What can I say to him in Turkish!!!! All phrases greatfully accepted and the winning one...
  19. Sunny Seasider

    Congratulations Blackpool

    Well done and well deserved, what a game I can hardly speak, lol, soooooo emotional today. Well, for those of you members who do not know, Blackpool is a seaside resort, in fact one of the biggest in Europe, with some of the biggest fun rides of your life, lol. The local footy team are...
  20. james1873

    Deserved Congratulations

    May I take the opportunity to congratulate Glasgow Rangers in winning the CIS Cup Final v St Mirren yesterday by 1 goal to zero. To compound the magnificence in securing this particular piece of silverware, it was achieved with only 9 Gers players on the park due to Thomson and Wilson seeing...
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